1. Happy Birthday Mindy!! The episodes written by you are among my favorites of the whole series.

  2. Happy birthday, Mindy! You are so funny that I hope there’ll be a Season 5 episode simply titled “Kelly.”

  3. Happy Birthday to one of the coolest chicks around! :) Hope you have a great birthday, Mindy!

  4. happy birthday Mindy!!! You wrote my all-time favorite episode (The Dundies, of course); here’s hoping to many more!

  5. happy birthday mindy, i love you, your blog, your writing and everything that kelly says and does.

  6. i have a total girl crush too! mindy is in my fantasy group of celebrity best friends! that sounds super lame. oh well.

  7. Happy Birthday Mindy! Buy something for yourself and blog about it!
    My daughter (who is 6) loves Kelly. When we’re watching the DVD’s, she says “Where’s Kelly? I want to see Kelly!”

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