Happy Birthday, OfficeTally!

Yes, OfficeTally turns one year old today.

It’s been a wild and wonderful year getting to know the cast, staff, and fans of this awesome show, nay, the best show on TV today.

While the daily management of OT is a one-person operation, I must give thanks to James, GMMR, Wendy, Tori, Sean, and Jim Mosby, for writing reviews, moderating the chat room, and generally providing moral support.

A shout-out also to the Office cast, especially Jenna, Angela, Kate, and Brian, who have always been so supportive of the site. You guys rock.

And last, but not least, thanks to you, the OfficeTally reader, for coming here to visit, sending in tips, and sharing your Office addiction with fellow fans! Thanks for letting me plant my seed in you.

:) Jennie (aka tanster)