17 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!”

  1. I have no clue how any of them kept a straight face through that. Happy Canada Day!! :)

  2. Two observations:

    1. It’s cute how Erin is never annoyed by things.

    2. I really want to hear Dwight’s Lesotho song.

  3. I absolutely love this clip. i wish they had found some way to actually put this in an episode. And i definitely want to hear Dwight’s Lesotho song.

  4. Thanks Tanster!

    (p.s. My favourite Canadian reference ever was when Michael said that a concierge was the Winnipeg version of a geisha!)

  5. I may have to borrow this song, alter it, and use it to teach my students the continents, oceans, etc. Thanks Dwight! ;)

  6. #3: Warren,

    The Animaniacs came to mind immediately for me, as well. Ah….miss those guys. So educational!

  7. Shout out! Thanks, tanster and Dwight – BC *does* top them all (even though I’m Albertan).

  8. That melody sounds familiar. Could it be from the intro to that old cartoon “Super Chicken”?

    Me thinks so!

  9. I just love all the references to Canada that The Office made. Even if this was a promo for the Olympics, the thought was still there! Happy belated Canada Day, everyone!

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