1. That’s awesome Tanster! I love it that Toby is the one who gets pummeled in the jewels (and by Michael?). Very appropriate. Have fun in the snow!

    [from tanster: thank you for noticing. i had to rearrange the “heads” to make sure it was michael who hit toby. ;) ]

  2. Ha! That video is perfect – I love JibJab.

    I hope you enjoy your first white Christmas, tanster! Unfortunately it’s warm enough here in southern Kentucky to not even need a coat. Oh well. Have fun!

    Happy Holidays to all!

  3. Aww, that was cute! Poor Toby!

    Enjoy your white Christmas, Tanster! Where I used to live, we had that all the time. Shame I don’t get that where I live now. LOL!

  4. Happy Holidays, Tanster and all my fellow Tallyheads!

    I hope you all have the chance to spend time with loved ones. Also, that you get lots of presents, because it’s like a tangible thing you can point to and be like “hey, man, they love me this many dollars worth.”

  5. Happy holidays, everyone! Enjoy your white Christmas tanster, that’s something I definitely take for granted living in semi-northern Canada.

  6. I hope you enjoy your white Christmas tanster! Thanks for giving us the present of Office scoop all year long :)

  7. I love how calm everyone’s faces are during the snowball fight. Such appropriate expressions for a show like The Office!

    Merry Christmas Tanster and Tallyheads! You all add a bright little spot to my day! :)

  8. Right back at you!! Enjoy the snow and happy new year. Thanks for Office Tally…it keeps a lot of us sane:)

  9. Happy Holidays to you too Jennie and to everyone on Officetally!
    Thanks for all your great work this year! :)

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