High School Musical

Long before their successes in Here Comes Treble and Scrantonicity, Kevin and Andy honed their vocal skills in high school.

Seriously, this is an actual photo of Brian Baumgartner and Ed Helms from their days in their high school chorale group. Yes, just like John Krasinski and B.J. Novak, Brian and Ed attended the same high school!

Brian told me the photo is “hardly cute,” but I beg to differ. (Can you spot them?)

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Brian Baumgartner Ed Helms

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Do you realize how many Office cast members that makes that have a singing background? — Kate, Craig, Creed, Melora, Rashida, Ed, and Brian.

If this doesn’t beg for a Dunder Mifflin talent show somewhere down the line, I don’t know what does.