Holiday Gift Guide, 2008

UPDATE: here’s the latest Holiday Gift Guide.

As this is probably the last weekend to shop online for shipments to arrive in time for Christmas, here are some final thoughts on what to get the Office fan in your life …

The Office on iTunesGifts for iPhone/iPod Owners: The Office on iTunes
You can click “Gift This TV Show” to gift the entire season; you can also drill down and gift individual episodes.

Dunder Mifflin Dog CollarGifts for Dog Lovers: Dunder Mifflin Dog Collar
Show your dog who’s boss. (He is.)

The Office and PhilosophyGifts for Deep Thinkers: The Office and Philosophy
The book The Office and Philosophy examines “the mundane yet curiously edifying worlds of Scranton’s Dunder-Mifflin and Slough’s Wernham-Hogg.”

Star mug setGifts for New Homeowners: The Office Star Mug Set
They’re a bit pricey, but what’s more priceless than having the Dunder Mifflin gang greet you every morning with a hot cup of joe?

Serenity by Jan CandlesGifts for the Frazzled: Serenity by Jan Candles
Because nothing suggests relaxation like candles named ‘Wide Awake’ and ‘New Milk.’

The Office Lunch BagGifts for Lunch Baggers: The Office Seasons 1-3 with Lunchbag
I found this bundle by accident at Amazon while I was looking for something else. It’s not always offered!

Dundie MugGifts for Peeps in College: Dundie Mug
Include packages of Cup o’Noodles (Kevin’s favorite snack) to complete the gift. (Never made ramen in a mug? — sooo convenient!)

The Office KeychainGifts for Taking That Next Step: Dunder Mifflin Keychain
And last but not least, what is more romantic than presenting your sweetheart with a Dunder Mifflin keychain, attached to a key to your home/car/safety deposit box? If it worked for Dwight, it might work for you.

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