Host an Office premiere party!

From NBC:

NBC Invites You to A Nationwide Office Party on Sept. 25th

To celebrate the Sept. 25th premiere of NBC’s “The Office,” NBC is inviting fans from across the country to hold their own Premiere Parties and watch the first episode of the Emmy Award-winning comedy’s fifth season opener. The first 50 parties who collect enough RSVPs will qualify for special Premiere Packs of official Office goodies shipped to their party from NBC!

To get started, be sure to read all the details and rules here:

For “The Office” Board Users:

For DMI Employees:

The deadline to submit your party is Thursday, Sept. 11 at 9am PT/12pm ET.


  1. that sounds so cool! =)
    I wonder what the goodies will be? That would be really cool to do, but getting the actual prizes sound a bit involved.

    Gotta love a show that does awesome stuff like this though!

  2. won’t that hurt the ratings though if large groups of people watch on only one tv versus everyone watching separately on their own tvs? i guess it helps the enthusiasm factor tho ;-)

  3. It won’t hurt the ratings: the ratings are determined as averages based on information they get from households that choose to have their viewing monitored. They can’t actually tell who is watching what.

  4. I did it, I signed up to host a party (Show Low, AZ). Anyone want to come? Wow–it’s got me all excited for Season 5…which is probably what they were going for all along. 22 days and counting.

  5. “The first fifty (50) parties who collect ten (20) or more RSVPs will qualify for special Premiere Packs of official Office goodies shipped to their party from NBC!”

    Ten or twenty RSVPs?

  6. #7: The typo was corrected. It’s a minimum of 20 RSVPs to qualify for gift bags. I think if you’re a DMI employee the rules are slightly different.

  7. I don’t think this will fly with my mom. But I’ll invite some of my friends over, and if anyone wants to join us…

  8. #13 Tiffany – I have a problem too, less space since I’ll be in college. Plus, while I know some Office fans at school, it’s nothing compared to my friends back home where we’ve already had 10+ people together for Office marathons before. Bummer the premiere isn’t a bit earlier.

    but Leonora, I have seen something about Oceanside on the NBC boards. I would think a couple other SD ones would pop up soon too though. I’m in the SD area too but will probably doing something smaller scale.

  9. Okay, I’ll bite and try to get one together in Knoxville, TN. I seriously doubt I’d find enough people to come though :(

  10. @ 185pounder: I am in Chicago and would love to be involved. Do you have a place in mind? I may be willing to open up my home if need be.

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