How OfficeTally Thursdays work

And now, in the midst of Office Premiere Madness (how many times did YOU click the Refresh button on Angela’s MySpace page today?), a brief message from your loyal site admin:

The official post for tonight’s episode will appear here on the OfficeTally front page at 9pm ET. You are free to add comments to the post at that time.

No, you are strongly recommended to add a comment, because who knows, you may win the episode from iTunes!

SPOILER WARNING: If you don’t reside on the East Coast, you may want to stay away from OfficeTally until the episode airs in your timezone, to avoid spoilage.

(Being a California girl, that is definitely the toughest part about this gig: staying away from my own site for three hours — GAH!)

I will have quotes up hopefully by the end of the evening. If I can stay awake long enough, that is. Otherwise, tomorrow. :)

Happy viewing!