How should ‘The Office’ end?

Thursday, February 28th, 2013 | 118 comments


How should The Office end?

I teared up reading Tallyhead MuckMallard’s idea for how The Office could end:

I had a crazy idea for the final scene of the series: a pre-teen Cece and Philip are watching the “documentary” alongside a gleeful Uncle Michael & Auntie Holly. Michael says something to the effect of, “and that is how your dad met your mother”. There’s a knock at the door, and Holly answers, and in come a beaming Jim & Pam. They all exchange pleasantries, and Jim & Pam thank Michael & Holly for watching the kids. Michael asks, “So how was the art exhibit?” to which Jim simply says, “Beesly knocked it out of the park.” Then Jim & Pam share one of their patented wordless smiles. End credits

How do you think The Office should end?


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  1. 118. Michael  

    Wow, teared up reading this :’)

  2. 117. Yesh!  

    The Office began in a creative way and will end in a creative way.

  3. 116. Epic Office Finale  

    The documentary airs and all the characters reunite. Except Michael. Everybody is wondering where he is. Afterwards the main characters go back to the bar in Phildelphia where Oscar invited them for trivia night back in Season 8, and they’re all wearing their ‘DM does GB’ hats. This time the trivia night is about the documentary itself. One of the trivia questions is ‘where is Michael Scott?.’ The only team that gets it right is the Queerenstein Bears. The bearded team member stands up and removes his beard which turns out to be a fake beard. Everybody screams “Michael!” when they realize who he is. “That’s what she said” Michael replies.

  4. 115. Mr. K  

    The Series Finale could end with the final talking heads for both Jim and Michael, switching off between the two.
    Camera Crew 1: What are you going to miss most about Scranton? [To Jim]
    Camera Crew 2: Is that it? [To Michael]
    Jim: The connections, the environment, the experience…
    Michael: Um, hmm, the office, the american workplace will never truly be over. People carry on these experiences with them for the rest of their lives…
    Jim: I mean, I found my soul mate in the office…
    Michael: It’s where I fell in love…
    Jim: She was just a receptionist, and I was just a salesman. We were just a couple of people, selling paper…
    Michael: So am I sad it’s over? No, of course not. It’s not over, because life goes on.
    Jim: If you turn the cameras off, it’s not an ending. I’m still here. We’re all still here.
    Michael: I think that, pretty much sums it up.

  5. 114. Jed  

    They may have dropped a clue in “Couples Discount”:

    When Brian told Pam and Jim about his break-up with Alyssa, he, without any supporting context, explained that “We were telling two different versions of the same story, and then it just went numb.”

    Though we’ve been led to believe that Brian is the key to the finale, I’ve got my money on Alyssa (who hasn’t appeared on camera yet). She too is probably a member of one of the crew.

  6. 113. Nic  

    All story lines are complete, and as we leave the office for the last time, the camera goes up, until we see the entire world. A voice comes over – “This is one, of many, office stories. From Pakistan to Bermuda, from China to California, each office has love, hope, and laughter. This office wasn’t special, it’s merely one of many. It’s the people who make them special, and the people who find pleasure in tough positions.”

    Cut to Michael Scott – tearing up, after the last episode, he turns to the camera and says “That’s what she said.”

    Cue music.

  7. 112. Mackenzie Martin  

    I think that Threat Level Midnight should make it big and be in theaters, and all of the office workers should be invited to the viewing party. And Michael Scott should obviously be there and end it with giving them their share of the money made by the movie since they were all in it.

  8. 111. Kevin  

    @Joe Yeah, I’m 98% positive that the documentary is exactly what we’ve been watching for the past 9 years. They could end up editing it all into a 2 hour movie on the show or something. But I doubt it. Then again. If it is the entire series, does that mean we’ll have to cut to 9 years later to see their reactions? If we even do see them. That’d be a little bit jarring I think. At least it made sense on the British series in that aspect. It was only on for 2 seasons.

  9. 110. Joe  

    Hang on, I just had an interesting (maybe a little dumb) question. Is the documentary actually what we as an audience have been watching for nine years? If so, then I wonder how ‘The Office’ as seen on Oscar’s computer screen is going to be handled.

  10. 109. Toby  

    I think it would be fantastic if Dunder Mifflin went under, and at the same time Jim is having a rough time with Athlead with only him and Darryl being the only employees left. They both return to Scranton when they find out that DM is over and then it fades into the Athlead offices with everyone from DM in new positions at Athlead.

  11. 108. tity  

    [200-word limit]

  12. 107. Adam  

    Jim had long dreamed of being with Pam. Then ‘Casino Night’ happened. The profession of his love. The kiss. Her turning him down. And Season 2 came to a close. The show should end back in Stamford, in the late summer of 2006, with Jim sitting at his desk in front of Karen and behind Andy – everything after the end of Season 2 only a fantasy in his mind. No season 3. No merger. No season 4. No Ryan as VP. No Fun Run. No Michael driving his car into a lake. No proposal. No marriage. No season 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. No Cece. No Erin. No Gabe. No Nate. No Deangelo Vickers. No Plop. No warehouse winning the lottery. No Dinner Party. No Holly. No documentary crew after Jim left Scranton, except as one final interview with him, way back in 2006…with endless possibilities for the future…

  13. 106. Amy  

    As much as I adore that ending #105 Chuttle26: I have to say the best ending would be everyone leaving getting up from their chairs and clearing out the office, then the camera zooms in on an instant message on one of the computers saying, “Sike, we’ll see you next year!” Obviously I’m pulling at impossible straws, but it’s nice to dream.

  14. 105. Chuttle26  

    Athlead doesn’t work out, Jim heads back to Dunder mifflin full time. Last episode – Erin is sick, so Pam is sitting back at her old spot at reception. Everyone is working away when suddenly Michael comes in. All he says is “Conference room. Five minutes.” End of series.

  15. 104. Kool  

    I would love it if the final episode was their reaction after seeing the whole documentary. Like maybe make the episode before that them watching it and filming how they respond to it. Just so we can get that out of the way. If that makes sense.

    Either way though I want Michael back. Even if it’s just a 30 second scene, Michael needs to make an appearance.

  16. 103. Officefanatic  

    I think they all start watching the documentary and the cast enjoys immediate success. They become local celebrities. Andy is given a chance to go pursue his dreams in the theater so he leaves the office. Jim and Pam see their lives together and they stop fighting and they move to Philly with Pam’s dream house. It turns out Philip is Dwight’s baby and he and Angela move to the farm and reopen Dwight’s B&B. Pete and Clark become the new Jim and Dwight with Erin as the new Pam. If Michael Scott does not come back then it should end with Holly with baby walking to the mailbox and seeing a package from Scranton and it is the documentary for them. She looks at the camera and smiles. Hopefully Michael Scott is back so Holly could go inside to Michael sitting on a chair with their baby and she can hand him the documentary and say something like, “wow this is huge” and he can say “that’s what she said!” They laugh and pop in the tape.

  17. 102. lovingthursdays  

    #58 describes it best, but have Dwight make his grand exit first, and instead of Pam crying, have Jim and Pam turn and take one last look at the office, smile big at each other and share a sweet kiss before walking out to their future. I do hope we get to see Cece and Philip during the finale, and Philip must be a mischievous mini- Jim! Before the show ends, Jim simply has to show Pam her new house in Philly – with a terrace!

    It is very hard to let go. I love every one of these characters, esp. Pam and Jim. They may be ‘fictional,’ but they’re family to me.

  18. 101. dashape80  

    Not saying this will happen but it’s my perfect ending for The Office. For the final scene (the last little clip at the very end) we open on a house in Colorado. Cut to the documentary airing on a TV. It ends and the camera pans over to a disgruntled Michael Scott and Holly (holding a screaming baby). After a long, uncomfortable pause Michael yells, “What was that @$%&*”. Cut to black. The end.

  19. 100. dref22  

    I’m hoping for a happily ever after for Oscar/The Senator

  20. 99. MichaelScottOnFacebook  

    I know he won’t appear, but I would love the idea of Michael just in the series finale. The final shot should be Jim talking to him on the phone at the office, but the audience doesn’t know, and they’re talking about Jim’s new company and how the Halperts have to move to Philly. Jim will be like “Yeah, it’ll be pretty hard”, and then he’ll chuckle a little and be like “Yes, Michael, that’s what she said” in a happy voice. He’ll then hang up and Pam will walk out of the break room, lightly putting her hand on Jim’s shoulder, and like “Ready to go?” He’ll nod and get his stuff, and they’ll walk out of the office together. Dwight will stand up and salute and follow after, as it’s the end of the day. It’ll do somewhat of a time jump and show all the employees in their cars and driving away, and then do one final scan of the exterior of the building before cutting to black.

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