How should ‘The Office’ end?

How should The Office end?

I teared up reading Tallyhead MuckMallard’s idea for how The Office could end:

I had a crazy idea for the final scene of the series: a pre-teen Cece and Philip are watching the “documentary” alongside a gleeful Uncle Michael & Auntie Holly. Michael says something to the effect of, “and that is how your dad met your mother”. There’s a knock at the door, and Holly answers, and in come a beaming Jim & Pam. They all exchange pleasantries, and Jim & Pam thank Michael & Holly for watching the kids. Michael asks, “So how was the art exhibit?” to which Jim simply says, “Beesly knocked it out of the park.” Then Jim & Pam share one of their patented wordless smiles. End credits

How do you think The Office should end?


  1. I just think that Dundler Mifflin will shut down suddenly … which has been everybody’s fear since the pilot. The documentary will show everybody’s last day at work together.

  2. MuckMallard’s idea is SO good, that I hope Steve Carell gets wind of it. He’ll probably make the effort to appear on the finale if it is THIS well-written!

  3. I think the documentary itself has all the moments you could ever need for a fantastic Jam moment. Don’t forget Pam has never seen the Jim talking heads we have, Pam has never seen HOW MUCH Jim was in pain to be with her.
    Them watching it together, alone makes a great finale.

  4. Toby becomes regional manager and hates the new HR person. The final line is a talking head with him saying he understands Michael finally.

  5. Everyone in the office gathers in the conference room for one final time. The documentary crew pops in a DVD, on the screen the opening credits roll followed by the actual Pilot of The Office.

  6. That’s good. I think they should end it where the documentary crew finally decides to leave. They show everybody taking off their mics then end credits. Life goes on at Dunder Mifflin.

  7. I’d rather the doc crew hadn’t been shown and that they leave Dunder Mifflin as their time has come to an end. DM will continue but I’d want the end episode to be a follow up 1 year later to see what everyone has been up to (including Michael) then leave it there. It would seem so much more realistic which is what I’m gunning for.

    I really disliked how the crew was shown in the previous episode. It sounded like a great idea on paper but was terrible when filmed.

  8. I also like Gabby’s idea of returning to the start of things. It’s almost like a full circle. I just hope that if Michael is included in the ending that he isn’t just there for the sake of bringing him back but he’s there for an actual reason. It would seem strange for him to fly back from Colorado just to say “Ok, but guys”.

  9. My ideal ending would be the “cast” watching the documentary with the crew, and Michael making a “That what she said” joke after a documentary producer says “That was longer than I thought it would be” or something like that.

  10. Out of curiosity, since you all are talking about scenarios where we’d be watching a show “post documentary”, would it be too jarring to see The Office in a non-documentary format? If we see them watching the documentary, we’d probably be seeing their narrative “cinema” style. It might be weird/too jarring if that were the case.

  11. I love that idea AND “lara’s” idea. I’m soooo hoping Michael makes a brief appearance. Even though I know it won’t happen. Hey, a girl can dream!

  12. I’m not sure how I want it to end. The only thing I ask – or even pray – is that it doesn’t end as some “show within a show” thing. You know. Like someone behind the camera shouting “cut, let’s try that scene again from the top of page 3” and fading out.

    That was how M*A*S*H was going to end at one point.

  13. I had always had the same thoughts as #1. Have DM be downsized, the fear that was had in the pilot episode, things coming full circle. I’m struggling to find how that’s not a “downer” of way to end though. Some people are moving on, but some of the folks in Scranton need that job.

    I know Steve said he isn’t coming back, but wouldn’t a great final scene be to have the film crew filming from the conference room showing everyone leave on their last day going out into the parking lot to see Michael and Holly there waiting for them (maybe the film crew notified Michael of what happened in Scranton), only seeing the excitement everyone has to see them and only hear muffled conversation, homage to the original Office and the couple of scenes like that in the US version (Company Picnic, Goodbye Michael).

    I’m sure there’s a better way, but I think that would be nice.

  14. I had this scene pictured in my head where the closing of the episode went like this:

    Hospital delivery room. We see Holly fast asleep in her bed. Beside her sits Michael, holding a sleeping newborn in one arm, and holding in his other hand a coffee mug.

    He raises the mug, which says “World’s Best Dad”. Teary-eyed, he looks at the camera and says:

    “That pretty much sums it up.”

    I can’t picture this without rolling a tear. Every time.

  15. As for Steve’s decision not to return, I’m still optimistic that he may just be saying that to throw us off.

    It’s disappointing nonetheless, because this is the show that MADE him. He claims that Michael returning makes no sense for the character, but I’m sure the writers have dozens of scenarios that make PERFECT sense. Just look at the imaginative ways we’ve thought up!

    It doesn’t have to be a huge scene, let alone the full episode. It’s just been sort of sad that ever since he left it’s been a total disappearance. Barely a mention of him, or even a footnote. I understand that the cast and crew wanted to move on, but still…

    As for potentially seeing the Dunder Mifflin crew watching themselves on the finished or near-finished documentary, it doesn’t have to be cinematic or otherwise out of the documentary format. You’d just have the documentary crew film their reaction as well.

    Heck, they’ve been filming everything else, why not that?

  16. Thanks for using my post as inspiration for a new topic! :-) [from tanster: thank YOU! it was awesome!]

    I think something akin to lara’s suggestion is the more plausible ending. I have to admit that the ending that I thought of was very much How I Met Your Mother-inspired.

  17. I think the show should end sort of like the british version, with the cameras following around the old boss all day (michael scott return, anyone?) before one last office party. I think that would be a sweet way to end:)

    MuckMallard, do you write Office fanfiction? Because you totally should

  18. It should end with them watching the documentary and realizing that the treasure was inside them all along.

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