The iPod Giveaway!

the office ipodGot all the Office episodes downloaded from the iTunes Store, with nothing to play them on? How ’bout a shiny new 30GB video iPod?

And you don’t even have to work all that hard to win it, especially if you’re already a regular OfficeTally and Northern Attack poster.

In fact, it’s dinkin’ flicka easy.

OfficeTally and Northern Attack present the
iPod Giveaway


Add comments to 8 posts, and you could win a brand new 30GB video iPod!

How to play

  1. Once a week for 8 weeks, either OfficeTally or Northern Attack will display one of its posts with this badge:


  2. Add a comment to all 8 tagged posts, and you will be eligible to win a brand new 30GB iPod!
  3. A tagged post will be closed to new comments after about a week, so get those comments posted early.
  4. Jennie and James will choose one eligible entrant to receive the iPod.

    We will also have a list of runners-up, in case the person we choose as the grand prizewinner doesn’t have a valid email address.


  1. Comments must be: a) appropriate to the content of the post and b) between 20-200 words long.
  2. No typos or grammatical errors, no offensive language, no SHOUTING, no personal attacks, no derogatory remarks.
  3. Leave only one comment per tagged post.
  4. Use the same name and the same valid email address for all comments at both sites. This is the only way we can identify you!
  5. The iPod grand prizewinner must reside in the U.S. or Canada; the consolation prizewinners must reside in the U.S. Sorry, international folks; there are only two of us here, and this was the only way we could keep things manageable.
  6. Jennie and James, at their discretion, will remove any post that does not meet these requirements, and without notice.


  • Sun. Jun 18: iPod Giveaway starts.
  • Sat. Aug. 12: iPod Giveaway ends.
  • Sat. Aug. 19: deadline to add a comment to the eighth tagged post.
  • Week of Aug. 27: iPod winner announced!

All dates are also posted on the OfficeTally Calendar.

Past Weeks’ Entries

  1. Week of June 18: Jenna asks the fans …
  2. Week of June 25: Bizarro Dunder Mifflin
  3. Week of July 2: Angela Asks
  4. Week of July 9: GMMR asks Office fans …
  5. Week of July 16: Profiling
  6. Week of July 23: Creed’s desk drawer must-haves
  7. Week of July 30: Sounds Like Trouble
  8. Week of Aug. 6: Scrantonicity Request Line


One grand prize: A brand new 30GB video iPod!

• 7,500 songs or over 75 hours video
• Includes headphones, USB cable, Universal Dock adapter, case, and iTunes CD
• PC and Mac compatible

Consolation prizes: 5 runners-up will each receive their choice of an Office episode from the iTunes Store!


How will I know whether to go to OfficeTally or Northern Attack for the tagged posts?

You won’t. :)

You’re going to be really sneaky and hide the tagged posts, aren’t you?

No, this is not Hide and Seek. :) All tagged posts will always initially appear on the front page of either OfficeTally or Northern Attack.

Will I need to check the forums at Northern Attack for tagged posts?

No, tagged posts will not appear at the forums.

How will you choose the winners?

Jennie and James will personally select the winners. We’re not exactly sure what this means yet, but it will involve reading all entries, culling our own favorites, and ending quite possibly in a 3-point karate match. Readability will factor significantly into our decision, so please be articulate in formulating your responses (i.e. we like stuff that’s well-written).

Anything else we should know about?

Yes, and this is a standard disclaimer: Jennie and James reserve the right to cancel the contest, for whatever reason, without giving away any prizes, if we feel that the game is taking a dark, uncontrollable turn. We have every hope, though, that this will be good clean fun for everyone!

Have a question?

Leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Okay, ready to play?

Be on the lookout for the first tagged post the week of June 18th.

Make us proud, folks. If this goes well, then maybe we’ll offer a Prism DuroSport next summer. We hear those things are pretty sturdy.


  1. Great, even more incentive to spend time on your sites. You guys are killing my productivity.

    But, to quote Pam…it’s an iPod.

  2. Wow, Jennie! Do you mean that I could actually win an iPod for what I already do on a daily basis? That is totally “Win, win,…win.” You and James are great.

  3. Awesomeness. An iPod means I can play the “Casino Night” makeout scene over and over and over and over…

    I meant HOT DANG how generous.

    And SCENE.

  4. “Whoa…a video iPod.”
    “Oh..hoho. Wow…jeez. Somebody really got carried away with the spirit of Christmas. It was me. I got carried away.”

    Very cool giveaway. :)

  5. Like we needed a good reason to check in at OT or NA daily. You guys rock. Seriously, though, we’re not going to do a Yankee Swap once you award the iPod, are we? I don’t want to get stuck with a lame teapot or something.

  6. I am not really sure if this post is eligable for the contest, since it DOES have that little icon up there, so I’m playing it safe and making a comment here anyways!

  7. Wow-this is awesome! You two are great for doing this and deserve like a medal or something. I know I’ll be posting away to try to get it!

  8. How very neat. I’m definitely going to participate. You guys are so great! Thank you.

  9. Oh yeah, I just thought of a question. How is the winner going to be chosen, if I may ask? Quality of comments? Random draw? Very interested to read your answer. Thank you. -A

  10. Jennie and James, you guys ROCK! As if giving us two wonderful sites about our favorite tv show wasn’t enough, now free swag we can win!! Can’t wait!!

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