iPod Giveaway status report

Emmys, Schmemmys. What about the iPod?

No, we don’t have an iPod Giveaway winner yet.

I don’t even have my list of favorites done. I read entries all last night, and I feel like I’m only a fraction of the way through.

I think James is almost finished compiling his list, though. Normally I wouldn’t get so behind on a task like this, but James recently introduced me to 24, and I’ve been spending every possible moment catching up on old episodes. Starting from Season 1. As in, five seasons ago. Curse James and that irresistible Jack Bauer!

Nevertheless, I just wanted to pop in here and say, we have some damn funny people who hang out at OfficeTally and at Northern Attack. I’ve laughed out loud many times while reading the entries, and one thing has become clear: you guys are witty, inventive, and often times, twisted. It’s an honor to read you.

We will hopefully have a winner (or in Emmy speak, “award the iPod to …”) by the end of the long weekend. Take a chill pill ’til then …