Jenna and Angela’s media tour

As Jenna Fischer mentioned in her latest MySpace blog, she and Angela Kinsey did a media tour early Monday morning.


The video clip contains footage from ‘Dinner Party.’ And a shout-out to OfficeTally! Woo!

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  1. Answering the same questions over and over that early in the morning? I do not envy Jenna and Angela

  2. That does look awfully brutal, but my local station is there and it’s live as I expected and I have time to watch, yay!

  3. Man, I wish I’d seen this an hour ago. Hopefully parts of it will end up on youtube. :)

  4. Wow, that sounds like a nightmare!!! Having been recently pregnant myself, I really feel for Angela! Not nearly enough breaks in there for a preggo!!!

  5. I saw Jenna and Angela this morning on our local NBC station in Sac. They looked soo tired and they showed two clips I’ve never seen before too! They were very kind to the two anchors who clearly didn’t know much about the show. Still it was cute and nice to see them.

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  7. So they spent almost the entire time discussing a spinoff they know nothing about. Great interviewing MSNBC. How about some questions about the show they’re actually promoting??

  8. Yay – OT shout-out! Jenna and Angela seem to be big Tallyheads themselves! :) I love seeing the two of them together in “real life” – it just adds another great thing about this show and the cast.

  9. Ha, the look of horror on Jim’s & Pam’s face when told about dinner.

    This clip is exactly why I watch this show.

    Is it Thursday yet?

  10. Argh! The video keeps freezing at the 8 second mark for me. I tried going to the actual MSNBC site and it does it there, too. Is that happening to anyone else?

  11. Whoo hoo – gotta love OfficeTally shoutouts! Jenna and Angela are the best. :)

    I can’t believe it’s only THREE DAYS until ‘Dinner Party.’ The excitement is overwhelming!

  12. Their interview was great, and Angela and Jenna look so beautiful even at that wee hour! That clip just killed me–um, where exactly does the braising-for-three-hours mark begin? I can’t wait to see this episode! And a huge hooray for the Office Tally shout-out!

  13. well the you tube clip that shut it posted clears up the spoiler speculation from that “which office character are you” quiz. candle making! jan!

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