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We are so excited that The Office’s own Jenna Fischer is kicking off our iPod Giveaway with this challenge for fans:

Create a new office character. Name, occupation, and personality.

You have until approximately June 27 at 12:15am Pacific Time to add a comment, 200 WORD LIMIT. Click the iPod Giveaway badge for the complete rules.

Thank you, Jenna! Can’t wait to see what the fans come up with …

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  1. Oh, that’s difficult! I guess I’d name my character Harold. His position would be Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager. He’d be very anti-social, more so than Dwight, and suspicious that everyone in the office is plotting against him. I’d have him bring really weird lunches to work that he’d hide inside a padlocked box and eat out in his car rather than in the lunchroom. The best part would be that even Dwight would think he’s crazy. Michael would want to fire him, but knowing Michael he’d be too scared to confront the guy.

  2. My character’s name would be Larry, but he calls himself Strife. He thinks he’s a vampire hunter. So he gets the job as the night watchman. He carries a bible, holy water, and a cross with him at all times instead of a night stick, and a walkie-talkie. He’s had no success in hunting vampires, but he claims he’s seen a few. He just never got to them.

    Nobody in the office really knows him. But one day Larry (or Strife) wants to set up a seminar with the office on how to hunt vampires. Michael is a bit freaked out, but Dwight seems a little interested. So Dwight signs up to be Assistiant (to the) Vampire Hunter.

    Yeah, it’s a little wierd, but I just watched a vampire movie, so now I’m in the vampire mood.

  3. My new character would be Summer, a flower-child free spirit who wears somewhat inappropriate office attire in that it is too casual. She is a temp. She’s never had a permanent job because it doesn’t fit in with her lifestyle. She would irritate the hell out of Angela but would not be bothered by much herself, except for her long, flowing clothing and hair constantly getting caught in things, such as the evelator doors and the paper shredder.

  4. My character is named Susan. She loves to bake and brings in cookies and brownies to try to make friends with her co-workers which works by the way. She is older, but is cool because she listens to music the young kids listen to and watches recent movies. Some people wish she was their mom and calls her that. She works with accounts recievable.

  5. My character is John the janitor. He likes to pull pranks on people, which alternately pleases and angers Jim and Pam. He doesn’t interact with the other employees too often because he works evenings, but he sees them on occasion. Usually his presence is the pranks he leaves. The warehouse staff loves him.

  6. Character: Alex Hunter
    Position: a corporate “plant” masquerading as a sales assistant
    Personality/situation: Alex has been sent by corporate to “work” as a sales assistant in the Dunder-Mifflin branch. The branch is about to be downsized, which means Michael will lose his job, since there’s no room for his position when the branch merges with the Scranton branch. Corporate doesn’t want to pay Michael the generous severance package due to middle management, so they’re looking for a valid reason to fire him before the merger takes place, and they want Alex to catch a major gaffe so they can fire him. Alex as “sales associate” is hard-working, friendly and personable, but not too-good-to-be-true annoying, and everyone in the office likes him (even Stanley) – and they’ve all been let in on his “true” identity with the hopes that they can lead Michael into saying or doing something inappropriate and, perhaps, illegal. However, they find themselves torn between Alex’s winning personality and a surprisingly strong loyalty to Michael. Hilarity ensues, as good-looking Alex also provides an added dimension to the Jim-Pam-Roy saga, and Jan wonders about her own job security as more details about her tryst with Michael emerge.

  7. My character’s name is Kathy and she is a CPA. She works at corporate in NY and she’s in Scranton to audit (and keep tabs on) the accounting trio since all that money went missing. She works closely with Angela, but unlike Angela, she’s not tightly wound. She actually gets Angela to soften up her personality and they go out for a business lunch (not drinks) at Chili’s where Angela tells her about her secret romance with Dwight. Kathy gives her relationship advice, since she met her husband at work. She becomes like a mentor to Angela and the other office folks notice Angela is more pleasant. Dwight is taken aback by the change and he’s conflicted since he liked the uptight Angela better.

  8. I think you could use a personal secretary for Michael, like they did in the BBc version. He hires her, even though there are rumors of downsizing, because he feels the stress of his job is overwhelming. (Naturally, Jan would not be allowed to know about this hire.) She would obviously be too pretty, too young, and too bright but this does not dissuade Michael from hitting on her relentlessly. She may wind up interested in Ryan for a while, making for another office love triangle. Her name would be Lilly or Madeline, something very feminine.

  9. Character: Branson (last name unknown)
    Occupation: none

    Darryl forgot his wallet and comes back late at night to the warehouse, where he discovers Branson, sleeping in a big box in the corner. Branson is a homeless man to whom someone in the office gave a key to the warehouse so he could stay there. He is a little bit nutty, but seems harmless. A Vietnam vet who has a tendency to burst out the saying “Murder, She Wrote!” at odd times, which is never explained. Darryl reports Branson to Michael. Michael knows he can’t stay there and tries to tell him he has to leave, but his desire to be a “humanitarian” leads him to befriend Branson. He goes down to eat his lunch with him, which of course makes Dwight jealous. Hilarity ensues. That night after work, Michael decides to go downstairs with his sleeping bag and his PJs to have a sleepover with Branson to learn about the life of a homeless man. When he arrives, he discovers that Branson already has a roommate. Who? CREED!

  10. I know there is no way I can win this but I will still play along!!

    My new character will be named Jack and he’s is joining Creed on the quality assurance team. Jack is about 28, he’s smart, well dressed, and very easy on the eyes. He definitely replaces Jim in the “who would you do” contest for the office ladies…well most of the office ladies.

    Jack is eady going and funny….very funny…too funny. Michael sees how the employees respond to Jack’s jokes and he’s none too pleased. Dwight and Michael team up to run Jack out of the office. Hilarity ensues.

  11. My name is Lee. I’m the androgenous cleaning manager for the building. I’m a classic he-she. Noone’s exactly sure of my gender. I empty the waste baskets at the end of the day, restock the toilet paper and paper towels in the bathrooms, and empty the fridge the first Friday of every month among other duties. I don’t say much — just cast furtive glances. In fact, if you stay late working, you may not even notice that I’m standing right behind you. I’m definitely creepy with a very interesting back story.

  12. Character: Del
    Occupation: window cleaner

    Del would appear in only one episode. His job is of a window washer, those guys that repel down from the top of the building on a platform. He’s a good ol’ American blue-collar worker, not unlike Bob Vance. He keeps to himself, but is very polite and courteous when seen or spoken to. But Pam and Jim convince Dwight that Del is really a corporate spy, and Dwight takes it upon himself, as head of security at Dunder-Mifflin, to find out all he can and make sure that the Scranton branch is painted in a positive light on Del’s report back to HQ.

  13. Character: Zeke
    Occupation: This would be Toby’s HR supervisor from corporate.

    I think placing another supervisor from the corporate offices as a regularly occurring character could be hilarious. It’s obvious that Michael dislikes almost everyone from corporate (and it’s obvious that he “Loves” one from corporate) and seeing a bit more of his dislike will be amusing.

    Quite possibly they could even put another HR person in the office. Michael treats Toby as an outsider. How would that work having two outsiders now inside the office?

  14. Name: Jimmy Norton

    Occupation: Janitor

    Personality: Jimmy has a propensity to make the female employees of Dunder-Mifflin very uncomfortable. He stares a little too long and is a visual disaster: Weak chin, fat man boobs, very pale skin. Has been to bring hookers into the office after hours.

    Somebody’s gotta clean the toilets! Am I right???

  15. My character is Seth, a new salesman at Dunder-Mifflin. Corporate decided that they are overpaying their sakes staff and have gone in the direction of hiring salesmen straight out of college at significantly lower rates. Seth is the first of the “new Dunder-Mifflin”, or as the corporate memo states, the NDM.

    Seth is a big, nice looking fellow in his early twenties, a fresh-faced guy straight from Penn State. He’s a sweet, good-natured young man from upstate Pennsylvania who only wants to do well at his job, make some friends, maybe meet a nice girl and settle down. People describe him alternately as “over-eager” or “kiss-ass”, but in reality he is neither. He’s simply a young man with lots of new ideas and enthusiasm who hasn’t been beaten down and defeated by the thankless and monotonous environment that is Dunder-Mifflin.

    Seth is simply a good kid who wants to succeed. He asks lots of questions of all the other salesmen in an attempt to get better and work harder. He trys hard to help: he reorganized Pam’s desk to increase efficiency (which leads her to directly face Michael’s office instead of Jim’s desk) and offered to streamline the entire sales tracking process (which angered Dwight because he routinely pads his sales numbers with fictional companies like F.R. Odo Enterprises). He went to Michael with the idea that everyone should fit the word “accountability” into every call so the customers feel like the salesmen are accountable for every customer they come in contact with and Michael flipped for it. Jim flipped him off for it.

    The big problem is that no matter how hard Seth tries to do well and make friends with the staff, everyone knows that he is there to replace them. Therefore no one likes him and he just doesn’t understand why, so he just keeps trying harder. It’s a vicious cycle.

  16. An intern from a local community college business class named Lisa. She has to learn about the day to day operations of a small business and write her final paper on the experience. Michael puts Dwight in charge of overseeing her (because she’s not hot) and Dwight lets it go to his head, obviously. He takes her under his wing and basically gives her all sorts of wrong and crazy information. Pam and Jim try to decide whether or not to rescue her because she seems a bit too mousy and nervous to rescue herself, but it’s just too fun to watch the action. Lisa develops a crush on Michael and whenever he comes into the room you can tell…and she giggles quietly at his most absurd of jokes and is always trying to sneak a peek into his office. It takes awhile for Michael to catch on, but he doesn’t say anything, he just starts acting even more asinine to show off for her.

    Whee! This is fun!

  17. My new character would be named Rob. He would be Roy’s older, better looking, more successful brother. He could be on the show by being in town to see Roy. Rob could be a driving force that shows why Pam originally got with Roy in high school. She was attracted to Rob, but he was interested in the girls his age. She had to settle for Roy, then, and has ever since.

  18. I know I’m not eligable, but I want to play along!

    Name: Prudence
    Occupation: Accountant
    Personality: Pretty much a hardcore version of Angela. She’s incredibly strict, socially she keeps to herself, and is very good at her job, which makes her a perfect rival for Angela who previously thought she had some job security. She doesn’t approve of office parties, refuses to bring along anything for pot luck and she’s not afraid to be confrontational.

    Prudence would really just be a great plot device to bring out some more Angela centric episodes, she’s gotta be one of my favourite secondary characters. Plus I envision they’d have some wicked cool fights over really funny pointless stuff.

  19. Character: Greg
    Occupation: Head of purchasing for a large publishing company.

    Greg just happens to be Toby’s best friend from high school, and his new account saves the day when the Scranton branch is getting ready to go under. His office is located in town so he comes in to visit Toby frequently. Greg is very personable, has a great sense of humor, and gets along well with everyone in the office. This drive Michael crazy, but he is hesitant to say anything. Later in the season Greg develops a crush on Angela (which makes him come around more frequently) and this makes Dwight very upset.

  20. Michael gets to say “You’re hired and you can work here as long as you want” to his cousin that’s fresh out of grad school, with a degree in english. Naturally, he needs a job, and there’s an opening since Stanley took a break to spend the summer with his wife and daughter. DJ Scott (a name which provides far too many early morning radio host jokes) is impressionable, but as nice as they come. He’s a bit naive, and has always been fond of Cousin Michael. And much to Ryan’s eternal joy and Dwight’s wrath, he quickly becomes Mike’s new favorite. But, as it turns out, DJ can’t sell anything to save his life. Will Michael get rid of his worst employee or keep his brand new sidekick?

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