Jenna Fischer in ALIVE Magazine

Jenna Fischer ALIVE Magazine St. Louis

Check out an interview (and stunning photos!) of Jenna from the December issue of ALIVE Magazine in St. Louis, Jenna’s hometown.

Some excerpts:

KH: Do they ever have to do multiple takes because you’re cracking up at a funny scene?

JF: I laugh a lot—and I mess up the most takes either by laughing or sneezing. The editor was putting together the DVD and said he wants to insert a track just with all the takes I’ve messed up from sneezing because I have bad allergies. I have allergy pills hidden all over the place—in my bedroom, in my purse, in my trailer. [Ironically, cats are one of the things she’s allergic to.]

KH: Maybe Pam should just have allergies!

JF: I know, they should just write that in next season. But sometimes we’ll be taking a scene and I’ll be holding in a sneeze and my eyes start watering and they’ll be like, “We can’t use that either; it looks like Pam’s crying!”

Read Ready to Launch by Kelly Hamilton, photographed by Rick Gould. (Article no longer available)

Photo posted with permission from ALIVE Magazine.


  1. You forgot the excerpt where she talks about some naked photo of her on the internets from when she posed nude for a Clothes Off Our Backs charity or some such thing.

    I want said nude photo please.

  2. OH MY GAWD!!
    I’ve just defected from Team Karen to Team Pam
    she looks like a godess in the naked pic

  3. Cool artice. The sneezing thing is kind of funny. Reading about the Pam & Jim situation/fiasco always makes me sad (or mad). Arghh put us out of our misery Pleeeease.

    Yeah she’s beautiful, but I think she looks a little Demon-ish on the cover. They may have over-done it a bit on the retouching-specifically the WHITE teeth and WHITE eyes. ..yikes

  4. oh she’s so cool and beautiful. i want to be just like her. and no-it’s not just b/c she works with john.

  5. That was a good article. I liked the bit about John and Jenna whispering to each other during the final phase of audtions that they were each other favs for the role of Jim and Pam…thats sweet. I also liked how she apologized before saying she admired Bill Clinton…honey, aint nothing wrong with that!!!!!

  6. Wow tanster, Who cares about this article! That picture is all I need! :p

    Good read, Jenna is so down to earth. I love that.

  7. whoever wrote that article was horrible. If the writer always wanted to throw in her little comments [in square brackets] she shouldn’t have went with the Q/A interview layout. what a n00b

  8. What’s the blurb on the cover about “Feature:”? ?
    That for real?
    Go, tanster!!

  9. @fat halpert

    how does the format have ANYTHING to do with the writing? it doesn’t mean they’re a bad writer, it means they made a decision to write it a certain way. it didn’t bother me. rewrite it yourself if you’re so disturbed…

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