Jenna Fischer naked in Jane magazine

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 | 4 comments


LiveJournal Office reader meredith ann has just posted Jenna’s photo from the August naked issue of Jane magazine; check it out here.

I think it’s beautiful!

Update 8/6: I finally bought my own copy of Jane, and here’s my scan. Sorry for the quality — I couldn’t figure out how to not scan the print coming from the backside of the page!

jenna fischer naked jane magazine


  1. 1. mickiethebookworm  

    pretty! jenna fischer is so beautiful

  2. 2. john  

    Here is the trick. Scan with a black piece of paper behind it.

  3. 3. Paul Suss  

    New and old and now always a fan

    Thx Jenna. I always knew


  4. 4. AJtheITguy  

    Never seen this before…Think it just broke my brain…

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