Jenna on ‘Jay Leno’

Jenna Fischer appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.

She talked about her dad’s quest for a Cobalt boat, switching nightstands with her husband, and the terrors of walking the red carpet.

Funniest line: “Jay’s not Oprah — he’s not about making people’s dreams come true!” Hilarious.

Link: Video (no longer available)

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  1. I think Steve Carrell (as Michael Scott) needs to run out during Jeremy Piven’s segment, yell “hug it out b*tch,” and then run back off stage.

    Maybe we’ll get some spoilerish info. from Jenna…I’ll set my TIVO just for that – though yummy John Legend doesn’t hurt :-)

  2. Yeah, good line-up. And I still remember Jenna’s last Leno appearance, so cute and funny. This oughta be a good episode.

  3. Just watched it. Some stuff we’ve sort of heard before, James not noticing things, how she’s not difficult to please. Still funny, though. And I loved the red carpet thing, and her faces when she’d yell “JENNA!” or “JEREMY!” Piven looked smitten!

    Oh, and…Jay, don’t called her ‘bitch’. Yikes! (Still, I like her chemistry with Leno.)

  4. Jenna was just so cute tonight! I love all of the little stories she tells us about her family, and her frequent plugs of Lake The Ozarks. Her tales of the nightstand switcheroo were just t-o-o much, seriously. She’s just so darn normal and down to earth, despite everything. This is why we love her so much.

  5. I thought it was a great interview. Loved the part where Jenna said her dad actually was offered the boat! As Tracie mentioned in #11, I really love that during the interview, Jenna comes across as so down-to-earth and thoughtful….just a hometown girl at heart, what with trying to get the best seats at the theater for her parents as a surprise etc

  6. Good stuff! I’m glad that they gave her a good amount of time. I’m always rooting for our Office stars when they do interviews. YEAH!

    I love John Legend! So cool that he was there too. Love that song too!

    “Let’s go to the park….”

  7. Jenna looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS as a redhead. I mean, she’s always gorgeous, but red hair really suits her ivory skin. I am totally inspired to dye my hair that color.

    PS: James Gunn – you better realize what you got!

  8. Maybe I just like to watch Jenna but that interview was great even better than the last one. They also gave her lots of time.

  9. She’s just a great interview, isn’t she? So naturally funny and enthusiastic.

    Oh, and James knows what he’s got, I’m sure. They’re pretty much a perfect couple.

  10. I think it is really cute the way Jenna waves to the audience when she comes out from backstage on talkshows. I first noticed it on a Jenna Fischer interview highlights clip on YouTube. She did it again last night on the Tonight Show. It just looks very genuine and charming. And I don’t think I have seen anyone else wave the same way.

  11. Jenna looked stunning on Leno last night. And her story about her dad and the boat was really funny, especially her line that Leno’s not Oprah. It’s too bad that she had to be on the same show as Jeremy Piven, who seems like a real tool.

  12. She is so adorable. I like the dark blonde hair better, but she really can pull off anything. Her expression was so funny when she imitated the red carpet screaming.

    Ugh, Jay’s bitch comment… Jenna’s so classy and that was completely unnecessary. She’s the only guest I’d watch the Tonight Show for.

  13. Adorable interview!

    I’ll admit, I had been super curious to see Jenna’s red hair, but then I forgot, and didn’t notice until she said something in the interview. It looks great. Very natural.

    Loved her dress and her patent leather shoes.

    Her stories were very cute. I think my favorite was about the photographers screaming at her. That has to be odd, it is like they are on display at some bizarre celebrity zoo.

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