Jenna Fischer naked in Wired Magazine

The latest issue of Wired Magazine features an eye-catching graphic of Jenna Fischer naked and the article, “What We Can Learn from The Office.”

The Office Jenna Fischer Wired Magazine

Here’s what the Wired blog says about the cover:

The April cover of WIRED features a package of stories about radical transparency, our notion that the next model of business success is laying your company bare to the world—sharing secrets with your rivals, blogging about ideas as you have them, and copping to fumbles and foibles as you make them. The concept was crisp, but we all struggled with how to portray a pretty complex idea in the three-second visual byte that is the modern magazine cover. If you’re talking about transparency, the obvious metaphor is clear: you’re naked.

So of course, WIRED being WIRED, we wanted a cover that was smart and showy. And as Creative Director I wanted something that hadn’t been done before. We settled on the idea of printing on clear acetate. But it had to be interactive. Now you’re in a business suit—now you’re not.

Then we wrestled with the question of how to best show the real goings on inside the modern American office. How about using “The Office” as a model? And who would we like to see practicing what we’re preaching? Dwight? Ehhh…notsomuch. Of course, Pam. So we called NBC and pitched our idea and Jenna Fischer (thankfully!) liked the idea.

Michael Elins photographed her in Los Angeles in a dingy little studio. And yes, the whole thing is real; we shot it in two parts, Jenna in her business suit and her birthday suit (really). She was a great sport about the whole thing. Funny and endearing.

And no, I don’t have outtakes.

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  1. I dislike these. They look way too photoshopped and messed with. The pose is kind of odd too.

  2. Are we living in the 1800’s? Jenna looks good and WHO is ANYONE to say she must be the prime and poise PAM???

    throw stones elsewhere.

  3. I agree James–she looks like a Kewpie doll. I like the picture of her with the post-its, but the cover looks very photoshopped (could that be the point if the article is for wired magazine–to show the glories of technology)? I also feel like that naked body isn’t hers–those hips seem oddly misformed.
    Sorry, I work for a professor who researches eating disorders and body image in the media, so maybe I’m reading too much into this…
    Enjoyed the article, though, and these pics are a heck of a lot better than the ones recently released for “The negotiation!”

  4. i didnt notice the photoshop until someone said something

    look at the sleeves too.

    either way, jenna is brave and very attractive

  5. JOE your 100% correct! I went and looked and enlarged the picture. Horrible photojob! Even the finger placement on the sign is off on the ‘suited’ picture.

    Jenna keep up the great work!

  6. The suit picture is a transparency that goes over the other cover, and when I went to scan the whole thing, the pictures got misaligned. That’s why the “photoshop” seems off in that sense.

    Of course there’s no excuse for the rest of the bad photoshopping…

  7. Thanks for clearing up about the ‘transparency’ :)

    The pictures are great of Jenna!!!

  8. Holy provocative photos irrelevant to the “blurring-the-line-between-fact-and-fiction” article, Batman! Props to Jenna for being such a trooper (okay, a HOT trooper), but, um… that was strange.

  9. It just seems odd to me that an actress of Jenna’s standing would get naked to promote a one page story (if it can be called that, I wonder if it only exists to justify the cover) that really has nothing to do with her.

  10. I agree, Lisa. I don’t usually spend a lot of time thinking about Pam’s hips and boobs (unlike Michael…), neither of those look proportionally correct to be her “assets.”

  11. Professional photographer here. Just as a side note: EVERY photo in EVERY magazine article or ad is photoshopped. NOTHING you see is “real.”

    And whomever did the photoshop on these pics should be fired. I’m just sayin’…

  12. Hope we’re not seeing the BritanySpearsification of Jenna.

    “At least I didn’t come in a slutty cheerleader outfit. Was that mean?”

    Jenna we love you, but not like this.

  13. Come on guys, this isn’t her body.

    She is way smaller than that. Her arms aren’t so bulky. Her head looks too small for the body if it were hers. IRL her head is much better proportioned.

    I think it’s a great concept, though.

    I love the post-it picture of her…

  14. if you look at the pam with clothes on it looks like they photoshoped the suit on (look closely at her left shoulder). Maybe Michael did the photoshop.

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