1. I would be too freaked out and scared to talk to them.

    Jenna: Hi!
    Me: Ummm I have to go… my kitchen’s on fire.

  2. I would love to talk to Rainn though. Sometimes I wish he was my dad or older brother or something hahahaha…

    is that weird?

  3. haha.. nahh

    and youre right.. it would be soo freaky talking to them.. i wouldnt know how to carry on a conversation

  4. Oh, talking to them would be easy:

    “Um, Rainn…you, uh, remember when you were on The Office? That was awesome.”

  5. What does this mean? talking to them on the phone? or online? i’m confused.
    Don’t hate me people, but I feel like this isn’t worth that much money…

    Oh yeah and i love what “phyllis*farm” said. haha ah those skits were amazing.

  6. yeah i know. I would have a hard time formulating words. It would be awesome, but alas i am poor and can’t afford to do that, even if it is for a good cause. though I would like to ask jenna what’s going to happen with Pam and Jim or ask any of them what their all time favorite episode is…

  7. I barely recognized Rainn in that photo, he looks much different. I think his face looks fuller or something. I dunno :)

  8. wow jenna is like the queen bee and everyone else is her biotch. look ather go! its like the ketucky derby!

  9. Damn I guess who ever is ectorres84 really really wants to talk to Jenna.

    Tanster and GMMR hope you guys win!

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