1. YAY! Granted, there are others on the show who could have easily made this list as well, but who am I to complain when TWO actresses from a show I actually like made it. I’ll have to go get it when it comes out.

  2. Somebody stop Jenna…seriously stop her. I can’t take much more of her adorable-ness.

    …ok I lied, I can take more. Much much more.

  3. Small town paper salesmen get all the pretty women, that’s why this show is so realistic. ;)

    Cute photos.

  4. Okay…seriously! Not to knock Rashida at all, because she is very beautiful, but this girl’s management needs to get serious props, because although I’m sure she’s got a big future, right now, she’s really a second-rate character on a show with low ratings, yet she is EVERYWHERE. Hopefully, that’s a sign that she plans to move on. But she is gorgeous.

  5. Yikes! I’m not a big fan of Rashida (or Karen), but I think that’s the best photo I’ve seen of her.
    Jenna… well, she’s always beautiful.

  6. I adore Jenna! She’s so down to earth and *real*. I’m so glad she made the list! And congrats to Rashida too

  7. Okay,

    Jenna Fischer is so gorgeous. Clearly I’d take her over Rashida any day of the week (as should Halpert).

  8. i can’t argue with Rashida and Jenna being named one of People’s Most Beautiful People.

    as if i needed another reason to be jealous of mr. gunn.

  9. so let me get this straight….
    a show about a paper company in Scanton, has two of the most beautiful women in the world in it

    Jenna and Rashida are absolutely gorgeous

  10. I’m in love with Jenna…but give Rashida some slack. That’s a picture of her with no makeup on. Jenna’s all done up.

  11. Okay, listening to Jenna about sleep as a beauty secret just brought back horrible memories of Pam’s disastrous REM, sleep better than not, flirting attempts in Ben Franklin. Too funny – I wonder if she did that on purpose!

    Seriously – Jenna looks fabulous, Rashida – I’ve seen a lot better pix of this lady.

    But where is John?????? Just because he has been there for two years doesn’t mean he isn’t just as beautiful now! Maybe he is in the issue too?

  12. First of all, for everyone that says it is a bad pic of Rashida, it is because she was in a special section of the magazine that featured stars without makeup. She looks pretty darn good for someone without makeup! But that is the beauty of it! She was only in a side feature of the issue, Jenna was actually one of the most beautiful people. TAKE THAT JIM!!!!

  13. I’m with ya, PrettyBaby27, you would think Rashida’s the star of the show with all the publicity she’s getting.

    But it’s great that both Jenna and Rashida made this year’s list, as they are both very beautiful and down to earth.

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