Jenna Fischer rocks the OTCR

The Office Jenna Fischer

The best ticket in town —
The Office’s Jenna Fischer paid a special visit to the OfficeTally Chat Room tonight!

Since we weren’t sure exactly when she’d be stopping by, the OTCR was abuzz with activity all afternoon. One faithful Tallyhead waited eight and a half hours! Another likened the anticipation to “waiting outside of Best Buy for a Wii.”

All in all, Jenna answered questions for over an hour, keeping more than 50 Tallyheads in rapt attention.

Thank you so much, Jenna, for stopping by!

A full transcript follows. Cluck cluck!

tanster: Hello Jenna!
JennaFischer: Hello Tanster!
tanster: A warm welcome to Jenna Fischer, who is our special guest tonight!
tanster: The chat room is now in moderated mode, which means everything you enter is submitted into a queue for approval. Please feel free to submit a question for Jenna!
JennaFischer: Hi Everyone!
tanster: Are you ready to get started, Jenna?
JennaFischer: Yes … I’m ready!
MNFan: Jenna ~ it’s been nearly a year since your accident. You’ve been in our thoughts and prayers so often. How are you feeling and have you made a near full recovery yet?
JennaFischer: That is very sweet …!
JennaFischer: I’ve made a full recovery. It was a long road.
JennaFischer: My fractures were healed as of November. That is when I started physical therapy. The strike was actually perfectly timed in terms of my recovery.
JennaFischer: I was able to do my physical therapy 3 days a week. And, now, I am working out with a trainer and hiking and doing almost all of my favorite things again…no jogging yet … but I’m not sure I’d classify that as a “favorite” thing anyway :)

LovesItalianFood: jenna huge fan….any new projects you are currently considering? thanks for being so gracious
JennaFischer: I don’t have any new projects in the works. There is a film I did last year called The Promotion that comes out June 6th.
JennaFischer: So far, I’m planning to vacation on my summer break.
JennaFischer: I have a project I’m producing but that won’t be until next summer.

shan: Did you have fun filming NBC’s “Adventures with Angela” shorts, or was it weird having a camera around when you weren’t at work?
JennaFischer: Well, it is always fun being with Angela. But I have to admit I’m would not like to be on a reality program. It is weird having your conversations taped and being followed by a camera in real life. There is a part of me that feels like I have to perform. Like, when we got off the plane in New York, if there wasn’t a camera there I probably would have been tired and crabby … I get crabby when I travel.
JennaFischer: Angela knows this. We’ve traveled a few times together.

Jim Mosby: Hi Jenna, on behalf of all the OT Chat Room chatters – welcome :) Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule for us. :D
JennaFischer: Hi Jim!

tanster: Jenna, it’s been one big party in here all afternoon, waiting for your arrival :)
JennaFischer: Oh boy!
JennaFischer: I’m glad it worked out.

GMMR (kath): Jenna – Thanks for chatting with us tonight. Is there one episode or one scene that sticks out in your mind as the funniest from a behind-the-scenes standpoint? One that you just had a hard time getting through? Thanks!
JennaFischer: The new episodes are SO GREAT!
JennaFischer: Well, I loved doing Dinner Party.
JennaFischer: That is the one that runs this week.
tanster: Yes, we’ve seen clips of it. Looks hilarious!
JennaFischer: It is fun when we go on location. People hang out on the set more and we joke around more it seems.
JennaFischer: John, Melora and I have a scene in Dinner Party that we could not get through.
JennaFischer: We were laughing SO HARD. She creeps up on us in a hallway and every time she said her line we lost it.
GMMR (kath): Thanks!

Mexicanity: Jenna … we’ve heard you hint of a curveball for Jim and Pam, any hints as to what that may be about?
JennaFischer: Well … as far as the curveball remark …
JennaFischer: I was originally told that they weren’t going to do much with Jim and Pam because of the small amount of time. I guess they had a big arc planned but didn’t have time to do everything with the shortened season.
JennaFischer: But then, at our second table read there was this thing that happened and I thought, “Well, so much for not doing much with Jim and Pam”. But that’s all I think I’m allowed to say.
Mexicanity: Thanks!! Can’t wait for my Thursday nights to be right!

tanster: You mentioned your big TV Guide cover in your blog this week
JennaFischer: Yes! John, Rainn and I are on the cover of TV Guide.
tanster: Can’t wait to see that.
JennaFischer: I’m very excited to see how it turned out. We shot several options.

bob_vance: Your character changed between season 3 and 4, do you approach Pam differently now than you did in season 3?
JennaFischer: I have to approach Pam differently because she has new and different character information.
Danny: speaking of new character information. any hints on what the thing is about pam that we have never known before?
JennaFischer: For example, she is in a loving relationship, she has found her voice, she has started art classes. All of these things must inform the character and we need to see these changes in the way she moves, speaks, dresses…etc. You’ve probably noticed the new hair and new sweaters. We didn’t want to do anything drastic. We can still do her hair in under 30 minutes. And she stands up more to Michael. She initiates pranks.
JennaFischer: I think she smiles more too.
Annie: It is wonderful to see the “happy” come out in Pam these days!
JennaFischer: I used to keep a list of “All things that are true about Pam.” I don’t do that anymore but I have a sort of mental list.
iheartjimhalpert: I agree.
lemonade: It’s nice to have both Jim and Pam be happy.
carl: Nice, Jim.
JennaFischer: Some things that were on the list were “Pam’s Dad owns an appliance store” “Been with Roy almost 10 Years” “Working at Dunder-Mifflin for over 5 years”
carl: do you do that kind of list thing every time you approach a different character?
JennaFischer: Yes, I like to make that type of list with each character.


  1. Jenna was so kind and so down-to-earth. And funny. It was totally worth waiting all those hours. Like Phoenix27 said, we waited all afternoon, and had a lot of fun even while we were waiting, but then she came and stayed for so long, answering our questions!

    And tanster, thank you so much for this. You are amazing and you should keep up your good work!

  2. Jenna is coolest person in the world! Woo! Nerd power!
    Thank you for posting the transcript Tanster makes me feel like i was there lol

  3. It’s probably good I missed it. I would’ve just embarrassed myself by professing my undying love. lol I kid I kid.

  4. No way! I always miss these! I thought about going into the OTCR last night, too… awww. Great transcript, though.

  5. Aw I missed it :-( I Love Jenna.

    Who’s leaving Dunder Mifflin though? My bet is Jim or Pam to pursue different careers.

  6. She is the absolute cutest celebrity…I love Jenna. Thank you SO much, Tanster for the transcript!

  7. Does anybody else think Jim might be leaving again? There’s apparently a curveball being thrown at Jim and Pam….. and also, the story lines have hinted that although Jim is happy he has Pam, he is still very unsatisfied with his job.

  8. A cast regular leaves the show? Do you think by “leaving” they mean, like what Jim did at the end of season two? We will still see this person in another location and he/she will still be part of the show…and hopefully come back later on in the season? Or do you think it means this person is leaving for good? I really can’t think of the person who’s leaving because they all play such an important part in the show. I can’t wait til Thursday!!!!

  9. Man I missed it! %@#*!! Oh well, it was still awesome reading the transcript! Thanks for posting it! :-)

  10. Jan, Ryan or both leaving would make a lot of sense, so I’m not concerned that Jim or Pam might leave.

    Jenna was cute and charming but I disagree with her defense of Pam’s changes. The show has turned Pam from an intelligent, unflashy subtly attractive woman of the early seasons into another “sitcom babe” this season.

  11. they’re (NBC) probably trying to set up the spin-off show with the character who leaves.

    Does anyone else ever feel a little surreality with how the actors of the Office are so connected with their fans? I’ve been a super fan of other shows, but there was never this kind of connection.

  12. WOO! Lucky Charms! haha

    Thanks for asking my question tanster! It was a fun night! Jenna is awesome!

  13. I don’t know why, but part of me thinks Ed Helms might be leaving. Call it a gut instinct, I suppose. I’d hate to lose him though.

  14. Great prediction about the spin off #38’s absolutely I do. I’m super bummed with the departure of a regular cast member. However, I know that the writers are very aware of the fans and how important our reaction is.

    The show has been in good hands thus far and I refuse to expect anything but the best from Greg.

    Thanks for the transcript, Tanster. You do an incredible job moderating the comments!

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