1. Looking at the cover, Lee Kirk is one lucky man.

    So glad that Jenna is getting the recognition she truly deserves. She is a class act.

  2. Wow!! Time for me to get on my elliptical machine!
    She looks great!
    I love working out to Britney’s music too! :)

  3. Been in love with Jenna for ages but still didn’t expect her body to be THAT incredible. Amazing. Five stars.

  4. WOW! She looks awesome! Wish I looked like her even a little. Maybe I should cancel that burger lunch order and get a salad lol

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! It sounds like she works incredibly hard for that figure. It pays off. Most beautiful woman in Hollywood!

  6. Wowza… I also have had a huge crush on Jenna since season 1 but man, Lee Kirk is going to be one lucky dude!

  7. Wow Jenna, those Pam outfits apparently hide everything! I know she worked hard for it according to her myspace blog so good job to her!

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