Jenna Fischer talks to E! Online

SPOILER ALERT! Article and subsequent comments may contain spoilers.

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos talks to a newly freed Jenna Fischer about ‘The Office’ Season 5:

What … can you tell us about Pam this season?

Well, I think last season was all about Pam being in love and just enjoying that and being content with Jim and now, she still has Jim, but she is growing and getting into something she’s always wanted to do. It’s a big year for Pam.

Link: Jenna’s Free and Dishing on the New Office Season


  1. It hasn’t been decided if she’s returning to Dunder Mifflin yet?! That’s awesome! It’ll be weird but as long as she’s still on the show, I honestly wouldn’t mind. In real life if someone was finally getting a shot at their dream, I bet they wouldn’t want to go back to working at a paper company for minimum wage under Michael and Dwight. So in a way, it’s keeping the show realistic if she decides not to come back, though Dunder Mifflin would be a bit less colorful.

  2. I’m happy for Pam, but if she never came back she’d be breaking up the Dunder Mifflin family we all know and love! NOOOOOOO

  3. Ok I am confused, I thought the school was going to be over the summer? So maybe it didn’t start until August? Someone enlighten me please….

  4. I’m all for Pam living out her dreams but DM would not be the same without her. I hope the writers don’t go that route.

  5. After reading Kristin’s spoiler chat, I’m starting to suspect that Jan is the new receptionist at DM :)

  6. the thing is, even once she’s finished art school, she’s not going to land her dream job straight away. I think she’ll have to come back to DM just to earn some cash. Maybe she can start off with freelance work…whilst still working reception? I can’t imagine DM without Pam!

    What about Jim? When is he going to follow his dreams?

  7. Wow – she gave away a lot more than I thought she would’ve! Not sure I wanted to know all of that, but hey – I clicked the link :)

  8. i find it hard to imagine the dynamic in the office being as great without pam. i feel like we finally get the pay off of jim and pam being together and get to see them as this little team in the office. after all that angst i want to see more of the pay off! but at the same time, i do want the characters to grow. i think a great compromise is her working part time in reception for money while she has a part time internship in design, that is actually really realistic.
    ultimately, i totally trust the writers and love this show.

  9. OMG I almost died reading that interview!!

    Okay, it’s really bad – I want Pam to have her dream, but I don’t want her to leave DM. ahh, I’m so torn. Also, I cannot believe she spilled about the JAM situation. I’m SO excited/nervous for the new season!

  10. Great article….

    Season 3 was wonderful in large part to the writers making Pam’s internal struggle to find herself a central theme to the season. Jenna did an amazing job with her character. She deserved being nominated.

    I am looking forward to seeing how the writers continue Pam’s journey in Season 5 and how Jim fits into the picture.

    Personally I want Jim and Pam to make it. They are one of the best TV couples. But time will tell.

  11. Wow, that was a lot more than I was expecting her to say. So I guess it’s confirmed that they aren’t engaged?

    I love this line – “But I have to say, you know Amy Ryan was really nice, and she’s short and blond, and I think she likes Target and flip-flops, so I might have to tell Angela, ‘You know, you can be replaced.'”

    I hope Jenna gets an Emmy for playing Pam too. I don’t think Season 4 was her year, but it sounds like she might be given some great material this year.

  12. I can’t believe they are even considering having Pam leave Dunder Mifflin for good. I can’t picture Dunder Mifflin without Pam, but as long as she stays on the show I’m happy.

  13. You know, I like seeing the continuation of Pam’s journey from season three and all, but I really hope some focus gets put on Jim’s. It was started last year but cut short due to the strike. I’d love to see the continuation of that, especially how he’s coping with Dunder Mifflin without the one person that made it worthwhile.

  14. Jenna keeps getting these full story-arcs because she is the stand-out actor on the show.

  15. I agree phyllis*farm. I love that they are continuing to show Pam grow, but what about Jim and the rest of the cast. I do think that’s where they were going last year with Jim; showing him as more of a supervisor in the office and trying to be more of a professional salesman, which didn’t work in his favor at times. However, the story was short changed due to the writers strike, so I hope they continue on that path with Jim this season.

  16. Perhaps with Pam in New York, Jim be focused on as an individual, not just the second half of “Jam”. He’ll be alone in Scranton focusing on his own professional goals. Jim has never known Dunder Mifflin Scranton without Pam’s smiling face at reception. Pam being away may be a great opportunity for him to see the office in a different way, allowing him to make his own assessments about what he wants to do with his career. I’m happy for Pam’s arc (although I’m a little nervous about Jenna’s comments), but I really want to see Jim’s evolution a bit more.

  17. I might’ve read this in the spoilers but they said something about a replacement coming for Pam while she’s gone, and that is someone we will like. My bet is that Hunter is the replacement, just because that would be hilarious. Possibly a confrontation with Jan and Michael about ‘that one night’? A battle of the bands between his band and Scrantonicity 2? The possibilities are endless.

  18. I wonder if Ryan will be the fill-in receptionist. He did it before and he could have made a deal with DM NY office to do a work-release job.

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