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Since Jenna mentioned OfficeTally in her blog this week (thanks Jenna!), I thought I’d better post a more detailed listing of Jenna’s Blades of Glory coverage. :)

Articles in which Jenna talks about The Office

SPOILER WARNING! Articles and subsequent comments will contain spoilers. All three have been previously posted here at OT.

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  1. Blades of Glory was really funny. I just saw it tonight. Jenna and John Heders (is that his name?) kiss was hilarious! The boob groping scene was equally funny. “A Boob Handshake”

  2. Oh my God, if you haven’t seen Blades of Glory yet, go! It’s so funny. Jenna does an awesome job.

  3. I just came back from ‘Blades of Glory’. It was hilarious!!
    very very funny.

  4. Jenna was ADORABLE as usual!!! and the “boobs” scene…. hilarious!!!! all that aside, it was probably the funniest movie i’ve seen in a while!

  5. While I didn’t think “Blades” was as funny as everyone else apparently did (Face it: Will Farrell plays the same character in virtually every film), it was worth it to see Jenna on the big screen!

  6. Blades of Glory was a great movie!! I’m very glad that Pam knows how to kiss better than Katie. If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it!! It’s too funny and Jenna is too cute :)

  7. Jenna was hilarious and adorable in Blades of Glory. I was so excited every single time she was on screen. Because I’m dorky like that. The movie was hilarious on the whole. And especially Jenna.

  8. I saw Blades of Glory today. Jenna was very good, and totally adorable. God she’s beautiful.

    And she had a much larger part than I expected. I think I was expecting her to be in a scene or two and to have a few lines but she was one of the main six characters in the movie. I look forward to seeing her in her other movies.

  9. i just watched blades of glory yesterday and I loved it! i thought the boob grabbing scene with will ferrell and jenna was a classic. i agree with everyone, jenna was way too adorable. her character (katie) seems to be a bit unexperienced when it comes to a good make-out session :).

  10. In one of the interviews, Jenna mentioned that she actually gets gifts sent to her house by fans. Does it bother anyone else to read about that? I mean, what I love about Jenna is that she doesn’t complain (like so many other celebrities) about the loss of privacy as a cost of fame, and she’s genuinely appreciative and thankful for the success of the show and the support of the fans. I’m sure the fans’ intentions are good, but still, it’s sad to read about how her own private space seems to be intruded upon.

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