Jenna’s Season 4 tease

SPOILER WARNING! Video and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

This video interview is primarily about Jenna’s upcoming movie, Blades of Glory, but what got me really excited was Jenna’s mention of The Office season 3 finale! She even talks a teeny little bit about Season 4! (Nothing too spoilerish is mentioned, but the expression on Jenna’s face speaks volumes.)

The Office stuff comes around two minutes into the clip.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. New episodes can’t come soon enough.

Link: Blades of Glory — Jenna Fischer

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  1. Cool! Pam continues to speak her mind means that she more than likely does NOT get back together anymore with Roy. And I think it means she tells Jim how she feels.

    My prediction? The season 3 finale will end exactly how the Season 2 did, with Jim and Pam in opposite situations. Pam tells Jim how she feels and Jim ends with having to make a choice: Karen or Pam!

    Team Pam!

  2. Tanster…….

    Do you know if Mr. Carell is still writing an episode this season?? I remember before the season started he said in an interview that he should be writing another one this season. Hopefully it is the AMAZING season finale Jenna is excited about

  3. Jenna could not contain that smile

    I also love how she glanced into the camera, its like 2nd nature to her now

  4. I can’t wait to see what has her so excited. And if her smile tells ME anything, I’m going to be a very happy girl in the coming months.

  5. Is it me or did Jenna lose some weight? My first impression was that her face looked slimmer. Maybe it’s just the makeup.

    She looks smokin’ hot in this interview.

  6. Haha,I agree Tori. Actually, to show how much of an Office geek I am, her face there reminded me a little of “The Convention”. When Pam is out on her date with the cartoonist and he says something like “you know people say don’t be edgy, but I don’t know any other way”..and she restrains herself and only smile-smirks, but inside is thinking…”wow, what a tool”…..Also,I might watch too much of this show.

  7. thanks for posting that clip! took awhile to load for me too. i can’t believe i didn’t realize until now how she can turn into one of the most beautiful actresses in the world with simply her smile. looking forward to both march 30th AND april 5th.

  8. I want to say something intelligent about that clip… but instead I am just going to squee! I hope she isn’t punkin’ us ;)

    However, I will say I am not so sure about that interviewer. Jenna tells a great story about Will Arnett passing her ridiculous notes about her boobs and it was like he wasn’t even paying attention. “That’s pretty funny…” The look on Jenna’s face immediately afterward is classic.

  9. Tori – Hahah, I noticed that, too. That interviewer was such a dud. Her face dropped immediately and she very briefly gave the guy a look of disgust. She’s a great actress, though, because she quickly rebounded to continue with the interview.

  10. Tanster, thanks so much for posting this — how do you do it?? I am so grateful for these snippets, especially during this LONG hiatus. I really miss The Office and would be suffering withdrawal symptoms horribly without officetally!

    Yes, what a look on her face when she talked about the finale…. She looks so radiant and glowing – lovely person through and through. Ditto what others said about the interviewer – was he asleep?

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