1. I just realized last night when I saw a new episode that Studio 60 is still on! I thought that it was cancelled. Anyway, I was glad, because I still like that show! I am glad she is guest starring!

  2. !!!

    Allison Janney last night, followed by Jenna Fischer next week? If they manage to get Rashida Jones on there before the show is gone into all oblivion forever and ever, they would be the first show to have achieved my girlcrush trifecta – an impressive feat.

  3. Wow, that is pretty awesome. I haven’t heard anthing about Jenna being on Studio 60, but that’s way cool. I love the show even though it’s canceled, but last night’s ep was amazing. Will let you know if I find info anywhere about it. Thanks for the heads up tanster!

  4. Well, they’re airing the rest of the season. I LOVE Studio 60. It’s amazingly amazing. That would be wonderful to get Rashida. But it’s over in only five short weeks! NO! At least I still have The Office! (:

  5. Score!! Early this season Lauren Graham was on, now Jenna Fischer? Aweomeness, awesomness.

  6. Squee! That is awesome. Of course, I would watch anyways because I like S60, but still, Jenna on – yay!!!

    This news makes me happier than it should

  7. I gave up on this show after six episodes and much dashed enthusiasm. Surprising then, seven months later, to feel suddenly so motivated to run to my DVR and set this bad boy to record.

  8. HOW in the world did we not hear about this until now? I would have thought for sure Jenna would have blogged it (because we are such close friends, ha). Maybe she didn’t think it would make the edit or maybe she thought it’d never get aired?

  9. It will probably be like when Masi Oka made his appearance taping a promo on Studio 60. It was like a minute long. Hopefully, Jenna will get more screen time.

  10. Fact: Lucy Davis, who was Dawn, the original Pam, in The Office (the British series), has a small recurring part as Lucy Kenwright (a writer) in “Studio 60”.

  11. It wasn’t publicized because it’s about one second long. Jenna doesn’t get any lines, unfortunately. :-(

  12. Jenna did appear on Studio 60. I think she was the guest host and she was on briefly during the goodbye segment about 2/3 of the way into the show.

  13. I saw Jenna! She even has a line or two thanking the cast and the viewers for watching. They could have at least given her a skit or two. She would have been great.

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