Jenna speaks about episode 13

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Jenna Fischer speaks about episode 13, the episode they were about to shoot when the WGA strike started:

With the current AMPTP/WGA talks being called “substantive,” doesn’t this make you a little hopeful? January. Cross your fingers for January.

Source: Bill McCleary

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NBC’s The Office got closed for business after airing 12 of its scheduled 28 episodes. Jenna Fischer, known to millions as “Pam,” tells us, “The 13th episode, which is the episode we were shooting when we got shut down, is maybe the funniest episode I’ve ever read. It’s a plot line that the writers have been talking about for two years. It’s a great, great episode where ‘Michael’ (Steve Carell) throws a dinner party. It’s been the dinner-party episode that we’ve all been talking about off camera for years. We love the idea of going to his condo for a dinner party.”