Jenna speaks about episode 13

SPOILER WARNING! Post and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Jenna Fischer speaks about episode 13, the episode they were about to shoot when the WGA strike started:

With the current AMPTP/WGA talks being called “substantive,” doesn’t this make you a little hopeful? January. Cross your fingers for January.

Source: Bill McCleary

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NBC’s The Office got closed for business after airing 12 of its scheduled 28 episodes. Jenna Fischer, known to millions as “Pam,” tells us, “The 13th episode, which is the episode we were shooting when we got shut down, is maybe the funniest episode I’ve ever read. It’s a plot line that the writers have been talking about for two years. It’s a great, great episode where ‘Michael’ (Steve Carell) throws a dinner party. It’s been the dinner-party episode that we’ve all been talking about off camera for years. We love the idea of going to his condo for a dinner party.”


  1. I will not listen to this… because I will be watching it here in the near future (hopefully *fingers crossed*).

  2. “The Office Fanatic” , theres not a whole lot of spoilerish stuff in the clip. its nice to hear jenna talk about our beloved show though! plus the text of her description of the episode is no more spoilerish than an episode synopsis like they post on nbc’s website.

  3. This episode sounds like the best yet! Hands down, Jenna has one of the most enjoyable voices! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this episode will see the light of day!

  4. I really hope they can wrap up the negotiations before the end of the year. We need our Office back and everyone keeps saying how funny this episode would have been! I hope we do get to see it sooner rather than later.

  5. It sounds like both sides are coming to terms with some issues, so perhaps they’ll get this done by January. Although I’m cautious, I believe we will see that “Dinner Party” episode and more to come before the season is out. Also, if new episodes do begin to air, say, by February, I wonder if the “Office” television season (and the season in general) will be extended to June or July to fulfill the amount of episodes ordered by the network? I just can’t take it anymore. No baseball and no new Office? This will be a very bleak winter indeed.

  6. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love me some Office and lobe yoy long tim me some Jenna Fischer, but I have fallen for the “this episode is the funniest one yet” line before. Having heard or read about what the episode is supposed to be about, I can say that I imagine it being funny, but I just refuse to get sucked into the “funniest one yet” stuff. I truly and honestly wish that however it comes out, that it gets done soon. I am ready for the Office to be back on again.

  7. It makes me glad and yet also sad to hear that the actors seem to be missing it just as much as we are. Soon the networks will admit the error of their ways and things will be back to normal….please.

  8. oh! I really hope that this all gets straightened out and we can see this episode made in January! It does sound very funny! *Fingers Crossed*

  9. Any speculations on what the plot will be? We know where it happens: it’s a dinner party at Michael’s condo. But we don’t know who’s invited, what occurs, when it occurs, and why he’s having it….

    Let’s workshop it…

  10. This actually makes me feel better. Yay for dinner party episode! Yay for strike negotiations going (seemingly) well!

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