Jenna’s Bobblehead Giveaway!

Jenna Fischer

In celebration of the recent release of the Pam Beesly Bobblehead, The Office’s Jenna Fischer is giving away THREE Pam Bobbleheads here at OfficeTally!

UPDATE: congrats to NotABadDay (213), Torch (82), and Adam Robinson (44) —
you have each won a Pam Bobblehead! Jenna Fischer says, “Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful and fun responses! These were a lot of fun to read. Congratulations to the winners!”

Winners, I’ll be emailing you soon to ask for your shipping info. Watch your inbox!

This contest was held the week of September 21st. Contest details


  1. Pam will handle it wonderfully; scared at first, but triumphant in the end. And having Jim as the dad doesn’t hurt.

  2. She’ll prove to herself that kids do like her, whether or not she sets out bowls of candy for bribes :)

  3. Jam may fight for what the baby says first (mom or dad). It may surprise them both by saying “Michael”!

  4. After getting advice from her coworkers, Pam will announce to them that she will be raising her child her way.

  5. Pam will be one of those quirky pregnant women. Instead of reading books, she looks up advice videos of Youtube. :)

    Congrats on your t.v baby!!! :)

  6. We’ve seen how she’s handled Michael the last five years. A baby can’t be worse than him! She’s got this.

  7. Pam will probably become conflicted due to her “raging hormones” while still trying to maintain her caring and nice personality.

  8. With creative flair and a watchful eye on Dwight’s guide to childbearing. Got to keep him away from the baby.

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