Jenna’s appearances this week

Here are a few of Jenna Fischer’s appearances this week:

  • Tues, NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’: This is one of the best interviews Jenna’s ever done! The most poignant parts are when she talks about The Office’s director Ken Kwapis and director of photography Randall Einhorn. AUDIO.
  • Tues, MTV’s TRL: VIDEO.
  • Wed, KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show: AUDIO.
  • Wed, KDWB’s Dave Ryan In The Morning show: AUDIO.
  • Wed, 1079 The Track: AUDIO NEW

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  1. Promoting “The Promotion”! Let’s see how many shows use that line…

  2. Fresh Air with Jenna?! That’s an amazing combo…I’d love to hear Terri interview Rainn sometime (if she hasn’t already)

  3. I just listened to the interview on the NPR website. It’s very lengthy and interesting and you get to hear more about Jenna’s part in the “International Spice Girls.” Hilarious!

  4. wow listening to fresh air now…. Jenna was great… especially her description of her interaction with the camera crew… you must hear it!!!! so interesting

  5. WOW–the part where she talked about her and John Krasinski auditioning together (which I’d heard before) and how they are such good friends and so connected now after working together for these last few years was breathtaking.

    And I loved hearing how they interact with the directors/cameramen. The story of Season 3 Finale was amazing (I’ll confess to becoming slightly teary-eyed myself).

    Great, classy, amazing interview! I’m in love with Jenna all over again.

  6. I was driving to work while listening to this, and I could hardly bring myself to turn the car of. I loved her description of her first job in the Sex-Ed film.

  7. That was such an amazing interview. She told the greatest stories and really gave some insight on Pam.

  8. Wow! That Fresh Air interview with Jenna was awesome! It’s really interesting just hearing some of her stories (especially the one about her Pam audition!). But really, it’s worth listening to all 37 minutes!

  9. I am just so proud of our Jenna — what an amazing interview. I highly recommend listening to this one. I teared up about four times listening to her talk about the season 3 finale, Angela, her injury, and how the part of her that is Pam is in love with the part of John that is Jim. This made my day.

  10. Aw, poor Jenna! She had to look like a prostitute for an AUDITION? Hollywood douchebags (can you say that on here?)

  11. Wow, the npr interview with Jenna was great. I especially liked the part where she talks about Randall the cameraman and ken kwapis and how the cameras are like a separate character. I love the moments when the characters interact with the camera. Also the part about her back breaking was really intense – so glad I’ve never broken anything (knock on wood).

  12. I love all of Terry Gross’ interviews…she asks really good questions. This was so great to listen to!

  13. Terri Gross is always a great interviewer, and Jenna is awesome in interviews so this was great. i like the new things she mentioned that we haven’t heard in other interviews….especially the ken kwapis and randall einhorn part.

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