iTunes: Jim Halpert’s List

“Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away” (Track 1): “The best new and in a while. Plus, the lead singer has an odd voice that drives Dwight crazy, so I play the album a lot, in the office.”

“Sing” (Track 2): “I’ve gotten a lot of my friends into this song. It’s nice to dance to. Or, like, sway to.”

“Rebellion (Lies)” (Track 3): “My roommate and I drove to Philly last month to see them play. They’re amazing live.”

“When I Laugh” (Track 4)
: “If the Rolling Stones were from Atlanta, and like 60 years younger, this is the kind of music they’d make.”

“Chicago” (Track 5): “Heartbreaking and great. Plus, I love any song whose title is a city that isn’t ‘Scranton.'”

“Rich Girl” (Track 6): “Yes, I am a music snob, but my ex-girlfriend Katy put this on a mix for me when it came out, and I got hooked. Try to listen to this song without smiling and/or singing along. I dare you.”

“California Stars” (Track 7): “There’s about 15 Wilco songs I’d like to put on this list. But that would be boring. So: buy everything Wilco puts out.”

“Ghost” (Track 8): “Buy the whole album. It’s incredible. If you don’t like it, I, Jim Halpert, will give you a free box of Dunder Mifflin 8 1/2×14 legal pads. (Then I will be fired. So, win-win.)”

“A Quick One, While He’s Away” (Track 9): “An epic 8-minute story. Used to perfection in Rushmore.”

“Try Not to Breathe” (Track 10): “I can’t believe I chose a song from the same album as one of Dwight’s songs. What are you gonna do?”

“Gone for Good” (Track 11): “I know it’s ‘trendy’ to be into the Shins, but I don’t care. Their new album, due in a few months, is my #1 looking-forward-to-it release of the year.”

“Drunk by Noon” (Track 12): “A really depressing, but very pretty, song. I think about the title every day, Monday through Friday, around 11:45 AM.”

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  1. Are these actual songs that John Krasinski chose? If that’s so, he has a really awesome playlist.

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