1. This is hilarious!! It was such a nice surprise to see John included – and have such a big part – and I love that his teary eyed magic works even on late night :)

  2. J Kras was easily the funniest person in this skit. His facial expressions and unwavering loyalty to Jimmy Kimmel were hysterical.

  3. John Krasinski and Sting together!!!!! My day is made. And it was spit-take funny!

  4. John easily over-stepped the cute quota with this skit. I love how he was so devoted and emotional toward Jimmy. I agree, #2 Callan, he was the funniest person in this skit! But I mean, the whole thing was HILARIOUS! Jimmy seems to just keep getting better and better.

  5. Hotness overload! And how awesome that John is hot and cute … he’s COT! Okay, that doesn’t work, but hey, whatever.

  6. I tuned in to Jimmy after this skit and I heard it mentioned so I was hoping I would see what it was, and now I am really sad I missed it when it aired. Thanks so much for posting this :)

  7. Krasinski was probably the best choice of all of them to be the emotional one devoted to Kimmel.

  8. I can’t stop watching this over and over.. John is just too hilarious. I love the loyalty to Kimmel.. and making fun of Romo’s big ears :) “Burn!” He definitely stole the skit.

  9. Ha! That was pretty good. Kimmel’s been flying under the radar all these years, just waiting. Surprised Jon Hamm wasn’t sitting at that table. I guess they could only take so much handsome. OK, that sounded weird.

  10. Ahhh… that was amazing!
    I love Dwight-John and ahhhhhhhhhhh anything Matt Damon on Kimmel is ultimate win!

  11. ok even if i wasn’t in love with jkras i would still think he was the best one in this skit. “What’s wrong with cute?” HHAHAHA
    and I loved how he was being all dwightish. very funny

  12. Wow! This was hilarious. Can’t believe Kimmel was able to get all these people together.

  13. “What’s wrong with cute?”
    “There’s a quota, and you filled it.”

    Oh, my word. JKras is so adorable. Definitely stole the video to me. He looked like a little lost puppy in the end when Jimmy walked out. And then reaching out to him. Oh, he was the perfect person to play that part. His facial expressions were priceless.

  14. My computer just exploded from Rob Lowe, JKras and Taye Diggs all on the screen at the same time. Sigh.

  15. I agree with all of you, that was absolutely incredible. Too much gorgeous on my little computer screen, that was just fabulous. I need to go back and look at those tears, Ninette! Yeppers, John was great! I loved his dedication to Jimmy. And I’m thinking, that since he has the ‘cute’ factor going for him Jimmy included him because they’re neighbors… lol. Loved them all.

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