1. I wonder how long it took Michael to realize that he just gave away the one piece of paper that Pam traveled 20 miles for?

  2. I agree, poor Pam! Yeah, she’s definitely stepping it up with her attitude this week.

  3. When Pam came back to the office for the paper, I told her, “Take extra!” Did she listen? Nooooooo. (Also: Who puts cardstock in the copy machine?)

  4. Her fault for not bringing more than one sheet!

    Oh lord, the popped collar is pink on one side…that doesn’t make it any better.

  5. I wish this had been in the episode, I like “Job Fair” a lot, but it needed another laugh out loud moment or two and this scene did it for me.

  6. Pam’s look made that scene. It was short but this could have made the final cut. Ah well… the beauty of deleted scenes!

  7. Jenna is a great actress but I’m glad they cut this scene. It was unfunny. Usually the deleted ones are very entertaining hope the next one’s better.

  8. #6–YES! I was thinking the same thing, and even thought, she should keep the extras in her car, and if she needed to “go back to the office” to get another one, she could just sit in her car for half an hour! Oh, well, she paid the price, didn’t she! Still felt sorry for her, though.

  9. You may think you’re cool, but you’re not “pink popped collar” cool.

  10. I’m glad this scene was deleted because I think the other kids who made the final cut are more realistic as to how kids act and dress today. The pink popped collar seemed soooo Michael Jackson ’80ish.

  11. If there was a time ever for a kid with a pink popped collar to feel awkward, this would be it.

  12. Pam’s jacket is on and off all through the episode, actually, and it never shows her taking it off multiple times.

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