1. One of my friends/coworkers is going to be there. She works as one of OSU’s recruiters and usually gets to watch the games from the field, so she might be able to see them.

    [from tanster: cool!]

  2. Oh, WOW!!! I just became a Freshman at USC and I am totally going today!

    Guess who is not going to be waching the game and instead looking for Jim and Andy!

    I’m so excited now.

  3. How exciting would that be – to not only get to attend a game of this magnitude, but to be on the sideline! I know they’ll have a blast. I’ll be attempting to live vicariously through them as I watch the game alone on my couch. :)

    Go Trojans! ;)

  4. UPDATE: I called my friend and let her know John and Ed were going to be there, and she told me she got a press pass (she interns at NBC) and will be interviewing people, and she’s going to try to interview them and get a picture with them. She said she’ll probably get really nervous and make a fool out of herself, but who wouldn’t?

    [from tanster: yay, photo! tell your friend not to be nervous! john and ed are both super nice. :) ]

  5. Well, I don’t like EITHER of those teams…

    You can’t spell “sucks” without USC. And any school pretentious enough to put a “THE” in front of their name is just ridiculous.

    But I still love Ed and John. :)

    GO IRISH!!!!

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