1. Hmmm…I’m not sure how I feel about the man-cardigan and Vans, but he’s still quite adorable as always. :)

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about the cardigan. Even when someone inevitably mentions Mindy’s blog, about man cardigans. Still.

    Sacha Baron Cohen is hot!

  3. I don’t care what anyone else thinks — that man cardigan thing he’s pulling off is sexy hot.

  4. Hmmmm… the cardigan returns. Too bad he had that white t-shirt on underneath because I’m pretty curious to see if he’s got a belly button ring on under there.

    Totally agree with you about Sacha, E.  Ever since seeing Talladega Nights, I haven’t been able to kiss my boyfriend without pretending he is Sacha and I’m Will Ferrell. ;)

  5. Was somebody in the front naked?! Cause that’s what it looked like!
    John Krasinski was so awesome though!

  6. I’m just a little confused about why he has his sweater buttoned like that. It looks like he lost a bet.

  7. Like an idiot, I was browsing through channels and actually watched most of the Mtv Movie Awards on tv, instead of waiting for the important part to show up here. Also, what is with the cardigan?

  8. Didn’t watch the telecast, but judging from the pictures, Mandy Moore must be a giant! She looks maybe 1 or 2 inches shorter than John, and how tall is he, 6’3″?

    Then again, she’s probably wearing heels, but how tall can they be, like 3 inches max?

  9. Could he be any more adorable? I must say, I do love how that man cardigan looks on him. I was a little upset they didn’t let him talk more during the red carpet pre-show.

  10. The “fat naked guy” had on a flesh colored sumo wrestler type garment. He was kind of impersonating Azamat (Ken Davitian) from “Borat,” and was used to scare winners off the stage instead of having “your time is up” music.

  11. Was forgetting his line scripted or was he nervous? That was pretty cute.

    I wonder if his visit to Jenna on Friday was prompted by all the heat he took right here for his email. It’s not like Friday was the first time he had been in NY since her accident – he saw Shrek with Rashida 2 weeks ago and was spotted cheese shopping with her last weekend.

    Even though Jenna may simply be a co-worker and not a friend to him, she is still an important co-worker. If this site prompted him to pay him a visit, that’s a good thing.

  12. Sorry but the cardigan ain’t doing it for me….also, either Jenna is truly a twig or John has lost too much weight and Mandy Moore looks like she could kick his ***. John – come to Queens, my Mom needs to feed you!

  13. I love me some John K. but seriously who is dressing him??? I’m not digging the cardigan, that looks like something I might wear…not cool :-)

  14. Ease up. I thought he was hot. Too cute. His look is very “Gap”, but I dig it on him. Very fun.

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