Videos of John at Brown University

As mentioned in the Weekend Tally, John Krasinski made an appearance at Brown University yesterday.

Here are some videos provided by Anna over at the LiveJournal Office community.

Video links: Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4 | Video 5

Other links: Brown newspaper article

I’m not normally a squeeing fangirl, but I have to admit, he’s adorable.

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  1. i might end up attending brown unversity, just on the off chance he might visit again ;)

  2. He seems like such a genuinely nice guy…it’s refreshing considering how many celebrities are. And he is very adorable. I wish I went to Brown!

  3. aww that’s very sweet of him to take a picture with a fan in the middle of his appearance.

  4. I went to the talk and the best parts aren’t in these videos… But it’s cool to see someone posted it online. The fact that he came to Brown definitely legitimized all the time I’ve procrastinated away watching the Office!

  5. I agree that the sweater is a bit of an odd choice, but I still stand by my statement that there is no reason on earth that John Krasinski cannot stop by Boston College on his way home to Newton and say hello to the fans here. It may not be his alma mater, but I can promise he’d be well-received!

  6. ahh … i wish he would come to my school!

    actually i heard he was walking around here in september (i go to school in new york) which i thought was odd — because it’s an all girls school. but anyway, i didn’t see him so he should come back.

  7. He is so darn cute! He is just so down to earth and approachable — he doesn’t have a snotty, snooty air about him and he isn’t braggy. What I would give to meet him…sigh.

  8. I’m not a big fan of the man cardigans either…but then again, it is John Krasinski we’re talking about here–he’s always cute no matter what he wears.

    And coincidentally, Mindy Kaling recently talked about man cardigans in her blog, where she says this about man cardigans: “They’re especially charming on guys under the age of 35, because it’s as though they’re playing this sexy idealized version of “Dad”. But instead of reading Fitzgerald translations of the Aeneid and listening to Harry Belafonte, sexy Cardigan Young Fake Dad reads George Saunders and likes Lily Allen and will of COURSE buy you a drink.
    All in all, super extra hot and adorable.”

    Maybe John took a fashion tip from Mindy?

  9. whoa, CH, another BC student? i’ve been thinking the exact same thing–come home, krasinski!

  10. Tanster, you are totally a squeeing superfangirl. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  11. Seriously, Molly, we should bring him to campus. I don’t mean abduction or anything, but he would definitely be more exciting than Third Eye Blind was! Haha
    Good to know the Eagles represent on OT!

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