John Krasinski engaged!

According to People Magazine, The Office’s John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are now engaged.

Congratulations to both!

Link: Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Are Engaged

Here are my favorite fan reactions.

  • … And at this very moment, millions of girls’ hearts broke. — Callan
  • There goes that dream. — Lauren
  • looks like john and jenna are really taking this marriage storyline seriously — theprogidalson
  • Oh no! My TV husband is off the market :( — CatherinewithaC
  • what. whaaaat. — yokatharine
  • There’s still hope, “engaged ain’t married!” — freshxprincess
  • All the women in our office are officially in mourning … — Molly
  • My heart is broken but I find solace in the fact that I’ll be a great wife #2. — Jessica
  • I’ve stepped back from the ledge. Everything will be ok. — GMMR
  • damn it! — JaneySlayne616
  • I think I just died a little inside. — Becky
  • Well ladies, join the club of us guys who are saddened by dear Jenna being off the market. — ASFan
  • What am I suppose to do wih these Mrs. John Krasinski t shirts now?! — Kelly Jo
  • I knew that this JAM wedding stuff would come to no good! — NotABadDay
  • What is this crap? — Samantha
  • goodbye my lover! goodbye my friend! — kel
  • if she harms one hair on his head, I will burn Utica to the ground — ItsOnlyMeredith
  • How am I gonna break the news to my parents? — StarShine629
  • So, apparently, John and Jenna are method actors. — Sara
  • I think this broke my brain. — Brooke
  • I guess Stanley now has a place for his extra toaster! — Grace
  • “Christmas is cancelled…” — The Ex-Future Mrs. Krasinski
  • Their children will have ridiculously nice teeth. — Elizabeth
  • Well, John, I suppose it is what it is. I’m sorry I misinterpreted our friendship. — nv
  • Great, now I have to find a ‘real’ person to be in love with … — TajM
  • Alas! I am slain. — Julie


  1. Whaaaaat!? Hearts of millions of girls everywhere just broke. Oh well. Congrats John and Emily!

  2. All the women in our office are officially in mourning at this news…but, we knew that a great guy like John wouldn’t stay single for long…

  3. Jim and Pam are engaged and now John and Jenna are too… just not to each other I mean.

    Yay for John and Emily! :)

  4. damn. I guess I need to take back my wedding dress then. Congrats to them!!! He’s going to make a great husband! :)

  5. So I guess Ed Helms is now the hottest Office actor since John’s off the market, right?

    Congrats to John and Emily!

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