John Krasinski engaged!

According to People Magazine, The Office’s John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are now engaged.

Congratulations to both!

Link: Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Are Engaged

Here are my favorite fan reactions.

  • … And at this very moment, millions of girls’ hearts broke. — Callan
  • There goes that dream. — Lauren
  • looks like john and jenna are really taking this marriage storyline seriously — theprogidalson
  • Oh no! My TV husband is off the market :( — CatherinewithaC
  • what. whaaaat. — yokatharine
  • There’s still hope, “engaged ain’t married!” — freshxprincess
  • All the women in our office are officially in mourning … — Molly
  • My heart is broken but I find solace in the fact that I’ll be a great wife #2. — Jessica
  • I’ve stepped back from the ledge. Everything will be ok. — GMMR
  • damn it! — JaneySlayne616
  • I think I just died a little inside. — Becky
  • Well ladies, join the club of us guys who are saddened by dear Jenna being off the market. — ASFan
  • What am I suppose to do wih these Mrs. John Krasinski t shirts now?! — Kelly Jo
  • I knew that this JAM wedding stuff would come to no good! — NotABadDay
  • What is this crap? — Samantha
  • goodbye my lover! goodbye my friend! — kel
  • if she harms one hair on his head, I will burn Utica to the ground — ItsOnlyMeredith
  • How am I gonna break the news to my parents? — StarShine629
  • So, apparently, John and Jenna are method actors. — Sara
  • I think this broke my brain. — Brooke
  • I guess Stanley now has a place for his extra toaster! — Grace
  • “Christmas is cancelled…” — The Ex-Future Mrs. Krasinski
  • Their children will have ridiculously nice teeth. — Elizabeth
  • Well, John, I suppose it is what it is. I’m sorry I misinterpreted our friendship. — nv
  • Great, now I have to find a ‘real’ person to be in love with … — TajM
  • Alas! I am slain. — Julie