1. I saw this ad a few days ago and sat drooling on my computer desk for about 5 minutes. I love it! I’m going to Gap tomorrow, but I doubt they will let me have the posters when they’re done with them. Anyways. Thanks for posting!

  2. A few days ago I got a Gap ad in the mail and I saw that John and Amy were in it. I was so surprised! So I went to the Gap today to ask what they did to the posters that they hung in the store when they were finished with them and if I could have one. But the guy working said that they have to cut them up and throw them out! But I kept the ad I got in the mail, so I still have those little pictures.

  3. Yeah, this poster is at the bus stop where I catch the bus to go to class. Not a bad way to start the day. Not bad at all.

  4. There is a big J.Kras Gap billboard down the street from me, I just about die every time I see it. As for Miss Amy Adams, where is the thread where we can all gush about how adorable she was in Enchanted? :) Happy Holidays everyone!

  5. YEAH, there’s a huge one outside the Gap at my city’s mall! I made my friends take a picture of me with it… they thought I was weird but HELLO?? IT’S A GIANT JIM!! AH. I could stare at him all day *drools*

  6. Those are cringe worthy awful poses they made him do. On the plus side, more publicity to help the series when it returns, so that’s good.

  7. I like the second picture
    …but the first one??!!

    it’s like the photographer consciously tried to find the worst angle, facial expression, and body language possible for John.

    if so, bravo.

  8. the first picture of him is my computer and cellphone background!!! His ad is also at my local gap store and I took a picture with it!!!

  9. haha the first picture is my laptop background too :o)

    I haven’t made it to the mall yet, but I’m hoping it’s up there!

  10. I’m glad someone else (#4, 9, and 10) said it first…not the most flattering pix of John. The second one is a little better than the first, but they totally missed out on capturing his smoldering sexiness. Oh well!

  11. why does everyone think that these shots of John were unflattering?

    I think that he looks AMAZING.

    I actually took a picture of the giant picture of him at the Gap! He looks adorable!

  12. I saw his picture in my local Gap store and I laughed for at least 20 minutes. Then I forced my friend to pose with it!

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