John Krasinski in ‘Away We Go’

John Krasinski Away We GoThis post contains information about the film ‘Away We Go,’ starring John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph and directed by Sam Mendes.

“This funny and heartfelt film follows the journey of an expectant couple (John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph), as they travel the U.S. in search of the perfect place to put down roots and raise their family.”

The film opens in limited release on June 5th. Official site

Latest content: here is audio of John Krasinski and director Sam Mendes’ panel discussion of ‘Away We Go’ for the Museum of the Moving Image. If you’ve already watched the movie, you’ll thoroughly enjoy listening to this — it’s very DVD commentary-like. :)

Link: Sam Mendes + John Krasinski

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  1. Aww wow that looks like it’s gonna be SO good. And they used Alexi Murdoch’s song “All My Days” in the trailer…great song! Yay, I’m very excited for John! :)

  2. This looks pretty good. I like the direction that he is going for with this film. I hope he can pull off a movie career because not only is he easy on the eyes, but, more importantly he is very talented.

  3. This movie looks GREAT! John and Maya seem to have good chemistry together.

    I hope it comes to our local oneplex theater.

  4. Wow! I am speechless – this movie is going to be fantastic, very different from what I was expecting after first hearing of it… I want to go see this movie, but not because JK is in it like I thought I would – this just looks like a fantastic film!

  5. Many thanks for posting this trailer which I have now watched an embarrassing number of times. I love Dave Eggers’ writing and Sam Mendes’ films, and I am so excited as this looks awesome! Allison Janney was cracking me up to no end. This film seems so sweet and so relatable, and I agree that John and Maya have really good chemistry.

  6. Can’t wait to see this – it looks great! And of course I’ll think its the best because John is in it too. :)

  7. I was thrilled when John got the part – especially since I knew he was in good hands with Sam Mendes directing. Can’t wait to see this in theaters. Looks like a wonderful cast – and yay for Lemonade! Great to read the story again :)

  8. I don’t know, guys. I mean, this movie looks good, but it’s not going to top License to Wed.

    Just kidding, that movie sucked. I had my doubts about Maya and John together as a couple, but from this preview, they seem so great. I cannot wait to see this!

  9. Gosh, Focus Features puts out the best little movies that I ALWAYS end up loving. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, anyone? Winter Passing? This one’s gonna be good. I just know it.

  10. I’m so excited about this! Allison Janney and Maggie Gyllenhaal are two of my favorite actresses and this looks like a breakthrough role for John Krasinski.
    Oh, and I agree that he seems to have GREAT chemistry with Maya Rudolph.
    I love when the Office cast members choose these awesome quirky roles!

  11. I can NOT wait for this movie to come out!! John and Maya look great together, and the whole cast is awesome – this is going to be amazing!

  12. that film looks brilliant, and I cannot wait to see it. It will show John off as a versatile actor, and great chemistry with just about anyone. It will be surprising to see Maya Rudolph handle the role as well after her work on SNL. I love indies like this way more than the commercial releases, so this will be great.

  13. Sam Mendes, (a bearded) John Krasinski, and Focus Features…it’s a match made in heaven.

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