John Krasinski in PARADE has launched its own Office space — including an interview with John Krasinski and a 30-question quiz provided by yours truly and a chance to win all three seasons of “The Office” on DVD!

There are also links to previously posted articles, interviews, and photos.

The interview will appear in the print version of PARADE this Sunday, March 30th.

Links: In Step with John Krasinski | The Office Trivia Quiz

A few full-sized photos after the jump. Thank you, PARADE! :)

John Krasinski


  1. Today is a great day for John pics. First, his Boston Magazine pics came out and now these?

    That second pic is my favorite. It combines two of my favorite things: The Kras and dogs.

  2. You gotta love a man who can rock out a pink tie. Thanks for posting. Can’t wait to check out the interview.

  3. Silly John… He always has the weirdest/most creative (depending how you look at it) photo shoots…

  4. I have said this before, and I’m saying it again: I want to dip him in chocolate…

  5. I just want to tackle him right into that pool! ooh, did I just say that out loud? :)

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