John Krasinski is a fun fearless male

John Krasinski

Back row: TV personality Dave Salmoni, actor Peter Krause, co-founder Tom Anderson, actor John Krasinski, actor Dane Cook, football player Tony Romo
Front row: actor Dave Annable, musician John Mayer and rapper Common

Some photos of John Krasinski at today’s 2008 Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Male Awards in New York City. (John Mayer won top honors.)

Tipster: Ashley

John Krasinski


  1. Is it just me, or is every single person in the first picture looking in a different direction?

  2. Dom, you’re right. The men were required to look in different directions because if they all concentrated their stares at the camera simultaneously, it would explode due to sexiness overload. John’s gaze alone is dangerously gorgeous, from what I’ve heard.

    [from tanster: that’s the best giggle i’ve had all day. :) ]

  3. Ahh! Keep him away from Dane Cook! If he spends too long around him, he may start stealing other people’s jokes, or doing bad movies.

  4. Love some JKras news!! But I have to say – especially in page 3…he’s looking a little tired! Maybe too many late nights before JAM! :)

  5. I’m with J (#7).

    Dane Cook is like the anti-John. He’s not funny, he’s not sincere and he’s not involved in a project I’m at all interested in.

  6. Who is the 2nd from the left in the back row? He kinda looks like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…

  7. I just have to say these pictures made my day. I have multiple pictures from the Magazine of the Fun Fearless Males on my wall next to my desk :)

    John may be looking tired, but being one hot human being is hard work. It takes a lot out of you to smile such a beautiful smile :D

  8. What about Dane Cook in “Dan In Real Life”? He did well in that – and it was a different side of Dane Cook…I liked him in that movie. But I agree – not nearly the same league as JKras.

  9. John Krasinski, Dane Cook, and John Mayer = 3 of my favorite male celebrities

  10. Sabrina- Ms. Simpson briefly dated Dane Cook, too. How awful for all three of them!

    … in every sense of the phrase.

    John looks much too adorable. The hair, the suit, the smile. Love it.

  11. Please let there be a picture somewhere of just John Krasinski and John Mayer. That is a sandwich I would like to be involved in.

  12. What month or issue was this in?? Does anyone know? I need to get my hands on a copy! Thanks!

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