John and Rainn dance-off on ‘Ellen’

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006 | 10 comments


Here’s an awesome dance-off video clip of John Krasinski (“Jim”) and Rainn Wilson (“Dwight”) on ‘Ellen.’

Tipster: browni3


  1. 1. Rita  

    please repost this video! i love the dance off!!

  2. 2. tanster  

    Done! :)

  3. 3. Rachel  

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4. Jess  

    I’ve been looking for this clip…thanks!

  5. 5. Grace  

    Wow. They are actually hilarious in real life. Nice.

  6. 6. rachel (2)  

    This is a treasure. They are both marvelous dancers – John moves so elegantly; watching him in “Basketball” (season 1) was such a delight. Like watching a ballet.

  7. 7. OfficeFanAtWork  

    Hmm. Wouldn’t call that elegance. But a nice clip anyways. :-)

  8. 8. Kell  

    Oh please! someone upload that video again! i need to see it! porfavor!

  9. 9. why  

    Is this clip avaliable anywhere??

    if anyone can find a working link, please share!

  10. 10. browni3  

    [ from tanster: thank you! ]

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