John Krasinski talks about his Office audition

Sunday, May 12th, 2013 | 8 comments


John Krasinski talks to Sam Jones about his audition for The Office.

Tipster: Marissa


  1. 1. LovesItalianFood  

    John as Dwight? Yikes!

    I think most will agree. I cannot see anyone else in these characters other than the ones who brought them to life.

  2. 2. melissa  

    this interview is all kinds of sexy

  3. 3. Liana  

    This is a great clip! I loved reading the whole interview when John tweeted it.

  4. 4. Annie  

    Amazing stories!!! Everything can just work out sometimes…

  5. 5. bob  

    Thanks for the video. John is the guy you wanna sit and have a beer with. Watch a Red Sox game with.

  6. 6. Kevin's Chili Slop  

    …have some cookie in the warehouse with.

  7. 7. Matt Collins  

    That entire interview is all kinds of fascinating. It’s about an hour and 20 minutes long. I fast forwarded to him talking more about the show. Love this guy.

  8. 8. Sarakaya Komzin  

    @Matt Collins, are there spoilers in the extended interview? I want to watch, but I am avoiding so much as promos until Thursday night.

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