John Krasinski voices Esurance commercials

Yes, that’s The Office’s John Krasinski voicing the new Esurance commercials!

From Esurance:

Actor John Krasinski, star of “The Office,” … does voiceover for the new campaign. Krasinski adds personality, candor, and wit to a visual narrative that captures the reality of our modern world while emphasizing the interconnectedness of our real and digital lives. The campaign also features the Grammy Award winning song, Jam Man, from Country Music Hall of Fame guitarist Chet Atkins.


  1. Is John the only actor from the cast, besides James Spader (who has been the voice of Acura for years), that does voice overs for commercials?

  2. Did Jenna do voice-over work for downloading ebooks from the library? I could have sworn that was her.

  3. At one time in recent history, Jenna did commercials for Proactiv, and Steve Carell was the voice of Extra gum. I don’t know if either of them are still part of those commercials, though.

  4. I suddenly want to switch to Esurance! I knew it! I love everything about him. I knew that voice! Sigh! <3

  5. Ed helms (The nard-dog) did the commercials
    for, doritos, burgerking, sharp aquos and advair.

  6. I KNEW IT AS SOON AS I HEARD! I was calling my brother down stairs saying. Listen closely that’s Jim from the office! lol and no one noticed or could recognize it but me!

  7. P.Louise – this isn’t a voiceover but Angela Kinsey does Clairol (I think) hair dye commercials

  8. Angela does those hair commercials and I’m sure creed did commercials earlier in his career as a musician

  9. Just heard a commercial and was like “that’s gotta be Jim, it has to..” Googled it and this page came up!

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