Kim braids Angela’s hair

The Office stylist Kim Ferry demonstrates how to create Angela’s trademark braids!

Speaking of which, Kim created her own product called the HairFerry Hot Spot:

The HairFerry Hot Spots take the fear out of accidentally burning or scratching countertops and tabletops. Made of heat resistant, non-abrasive silicone, the raised patterned design allows for an easy grip when setting down hot irons while styling. These slip resistant silicone trivets can also be placed underneath the hot irons to add extra protection and to prevent sliding while in use, while also giving all hot items a safe place to cool down.

I asked Kim how she came up with the idea, and she explained how Mindy Kaling was her inspiration!

I came up with the idea with Mindy Kaling actually sitting in my hair chair. We were talking about beauty products and hair tools, I brought up how functionally challenged some hair tools are out there and how I would change them, make them better. And I had some new ideas too…about things that had not been created yet…and lovely Mindy inspired me with four simple words…”Well, why don’t you?” she asked me.

At first I smiled and shrugged then continued curling and rolling velcro into her hair for the “Kelly” hairstyle on The Office. About 25 seconds passed and I suddenly agreed with her thought…why don’t I? I could! And… I did. My designs came from my desire to keep my life and work organized and safe. They are unique, functional and colorful and not only for professional use but for ‘at home’ stylists as well. I named my company “HairFerry Inc.”. HairFerry is a nickname I got from The Office production coordinator, it seemed like the perfect choice.

I am grateful to Mindy for planting the seed and inspiring me to pursue something I had thought of many times but never fully jumped into. She has been a kind, supportive voice and I thank her for that. As other actors, friends and crew members learned of my small business aspirations I was met with wonderful support and helpful advice.

My 20 years on sets have given me the unique experience to discover what industry hairstylists are in need of… and what could work better. I will keep working on my line and coming out with new items so please keep checking in!

You go, Kim! Love ya. :)

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