1. That was hysterical–snort laughing hysterical! Poor Jim, “You gotta help, you gotta help me out…” Steve Carell rules!

  2. Haha those last 5 seconds when Jim literally has to drag Michael out is hilarious! I bet John and Steve had fun with that.

  3. Honestly, I can see how even an un-clumsy person could fall into that thing! The uneven walkway, no rails… yikes. I wonder if this was a real place (or based on a real place).

  4. #5, yeah it looked like Steve was totally sandbagging, giving no help at all, as John trying to pull him out.
    I wonder if that was improv?

    I feel sort of like of hypocrite, as I really hated when Michael drove into the lake, but I loved this.

  5. i wish they had kept the part with jim helping out. because i totally would have jumped away too. it’s a human reflex to pull yourself away from danger. at least he didn’t stand there and laugh. he DID help him out.

    and i mean seriously……. who the eff puts a koi pond in a lobby?! it’s dangerous… total lawsuit material. child drowning danger, etc.

    kind of reminds me of my next-door neighbors. their septic tank is in the backyard, so they have a pool in their FRONT yard. with a walkway over it. without railings. wtf? they even have kids. total drowning danger.

  6. Loved it! Kinda wish they could have kept this in the episode last night, but I understand there wouldn’t have been enough time. Too many darn commercials!

  7. I can see that they didn’t put this in the episode because of time, although it would’ve made a great tag for the end of the show, BUT I like this one because it shows WHY Jim leaned that way. He didn’t do it not to help Michael, but he was right there and almost fell in himself, and at least he DID try to help him(and would’ve got pulled in himself if he went to pull him out or went to bring him back)

  8. I feel guilty for watching this…

    I don’t know why. Sometimes I forget that Michael isn’t a real person, and I don’t need to protect him.

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