Kristina meets Angela

The Office

[From tanster: following is a fan report from Tallyhead Kristina!]

I went to see Angela perform at I.O. West on Monday. She was so funny! She was what they call “The Armando” which means the host and there are about 10 professional improv artists on the sidelines.

She came out and said, “Let’s start with something you saw today.” Someone from the audience shouted, “Homeless people!” She shared some anecdotes about her and her encounters with homeless people, then walked off stage and some of the improv artists would come out and perform their own improvised skits, etc.

There were two other very famous people mixed in with the improv artists: Tim Meadows and Andy Dick! I couldn’t believe my luck! Oh, and the new cast of “The Real World” was there so there were camera crews filming the audience.

I learned some interesting tidbits about Ms. Kinsey that I didn’t know before. For example, her very first job in L.A. was as a hostess at Chin Chin.

At one point she looked right at me and said, “Hi front row!” (I was sitting three feet in front of her in the front row). I said “Hi! Rest in Peace, Sprinkles!” And she laughed and said, “Ah yes, for those of you that don’t know, Dwight mercy-killed my cat.”

After the show, I ran up to her and called her name. I introduced myself as “a Tallyhead” and she immediately was like “Oh my gosh, hey!” We introduced ourselves and I asked if I could have a picture with her. She very sweetly obliged. Then she said she would meet myself and some of the other Office fans out front. We all went out and she took pictures with other people.

I chatted with her about her myspace and how I saw her on “Take Home Handyman.” Then her husband, Warren, came by and she introduced him to us. I was like “Hey, it’s Toby’s brother!” He blushed and said, “Yep, I’m Toby’s brother.” By the way, he looks and talks exactly like his brother.

Then two of the “Real World” cast came up and asked about Sprinkles. Angela said something like, “Oh yeah, it’s just that Kristina (looking at me) brought it up and …” I was so excited that she actually remembered my name! It was so sweet of her! Oh and apparently the “Real World” cast hasn’t been allowed to watch TV so they wanted to know what happened with Sprinkles. (Oops, I guess I ruined the show for them!)

Anyway, I had the best time ever at the show. I highly recommend it to anyone in the L.A. area.