L.A. Times live chat with Jenna Fischer

The L.A. Times will have a live chat with The Office’s Jenna Fischer this Friday, 11am PDT! Jenna’s producing the absurdist comedy “Sad Happy Sucker,” written by her husband, Lee Kirk.

Links: L.A. Times live chat with Jenna Fischer | Sad Happy Sucker

UPDATE: here’s a streamlined transcript of The Office-related questions that Jenna answered, including spoilerish tibdbits about Season 7!

Tipster: DJ Jazzy Flax

Kurt: What are your thoughts on Steve leaving The Office?
Jenna: We have a wonderful plan for his exit. It’s going to be an exciting season!

karen 10: Can you share any hints about the season 6 DVD?
Jenna: The Season 6 DVD has a GREAT blooper reel. I think it might be one of our best!

Rick: will you guys continue the show after steve carell leaves?
Jenna: yes, the show will go on!

Eric Fischer: HI Jenna, with Carell gone, will we ever hear the phrase “that’s what she said” again?
Jenna: i think the phrase “That’s What she said” will have to retire with Michael Scott.

Carol: any ideas who will replace him … :(
Jenna: No idea who will replace Steve. That is in the network’s hands. They don’t really consult/talk to us about that.

Smarshmellow: What’s your favorite Jim and Pam moment?
Jenna: When we shared grilled cheese sandwiches on the roof. And the scenes in the hospital after their baby is born.

aj: ive read things where nbc is talking to danny mcbride and rhys darby. what are your opinions about both of them
Jenna: Anything you read is probably not true. It’s all just speculation. No decisions have been made. Seriously. It will probably not be anyone you’ve read about.

karen 10: Are you gearing up for this years Emmy’s?
Jenna: yes, having a dress fitting next week!

Dave: Did you get Friday off or do you have to head back to the set for more filming?
Jenna: Dave – I’m off today. I can concentrate on getting the theater ready for tonight! We still have to hang our banner, get our parking sign, pick up programs…etc. It’s a lot! Today they are shooting scenes with Rainn and Steve on location.

Atul S: Who or Which shows do you think will win big this year @ Emmy’s
Jenna: I hope we win! But it will probably go to Glee or Modern Family. Atul – I would like Steve to finally win. He deserves it.

Carol: is it easy for you to improvise??
Jenna: When you know your character for as long as I’ve known Pam, it’s easy to improvise. It’s like talking yourself.

Jenna: The season Premiere is called Nepotism. It’s a great episode. And has the greatest opening ever!!! They had to plan the opening scene for over 3 weeks. It’s very complicated. It took an entire day to shoot just that one scene.

Michael Scott Paper Co.: Can you give u hint about the opening scene?
Jenna: No hints! I don’t want to ruin it. But we love it! And I know it will be a big hit!