1. “it’s called being a man”
    “how long have you been a man?”
    “I was BORN a man”

    Oh. My. GOD!!! these deleted scenes (last week’s “cars are like penguins” and this week’s) are FANTASTIC! They totally could have cut out a little of the kidnapping thing for this….come on writers! maybe you should poll the tallyheads on what should be cut and what should be left in. Or at least let us vote on one deleted scene a week that could be kept in, yeah? but thank you so much NBC for letting us see these right after the ep airs!!! i love it.

    “and i SAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG them all the reasons they should admit me to the schoooooooool…”
    hahahaha! i love you andy.

  2. I am glad for the Dwight’s deleted scene because, not only was it funny, but I thought he was growing the beard to channel Ryan.

  3. Nope, Angelica…you aren’t the only one. Normally I wouldn’t touch Dwight with a 10-foot pole but, given the aptly-titled “Mercy Killing” of Sprinkles by Pam, I totally want to, at least, pat his shoulder in comfort.

    Andy is totally obnoxious…and completely hysterical. Love these deleted scenes…though I thought the pizza delivery boy-kidnapping was hysterical as well. I was just impressed with the episode as a whole.

  4. Great deleted scene, made even better because it had more of Andy! Even with hourlong episodes there are still some really great scenes that have to get cut. Goes to show what a great job the writers and actors do every week!

  5. What’s wrong with Cornell’s admissions board? Some of my high school classmates attended Cornell. Let’s just say that they were… odd people, which only serves to bring this deleted scene full circle for me.

  6. Great deleted scene. This explained the beard for me. The writers should have kept this scene for that reason alone. Also loved Andy’s clubs: Drama, Barbershop Club! Classic.

  7. AHHH! Andy sung his way into Cornell. They probably only let him in so that he would stop. Great reveal.

  8. That was one of the best deleted scenes I’ve seen! Andy is getting better and better! Dwight for an Emmy for sure!

  9. I think everyone knew exactly why Dwight had the beard. I’m glad the scene was cut, because it was trying way too hard to explain things. I did like the ‘I was born a man, Halpert’ line :-)

  10. that was an awesome deleted scene. The kidnapping was funny too, but I agree they could have cut some of that and put in the deleted scene.

  11. I had kind of guessed about the beard as well (and I feel SO bad for Dwight!), but Andy’s “admission” story was hilarious. I can totally see it.

  12. Loved this deleted scene! I knew right away why Dwight had the scruff…primarily because I too have grown a breakup beard…and I thought it was a great touch.

  13. Some viewers might be interested to know that Andy bragging about Cornell is likely an inside joke by the writers, several of whom attended Harvard.

    Cornell is thought of as one of the lesser Ivys by those at Harvard and Yale. So Andy’s singing admission to Cornell is just another jab at this university by the Boston-based writers.

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