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    Yeah I saw that too.

    Oh and, go Michael for being Michael and saying inappropriate yet hilarious things.

  2. I wouldn’t think it’d be Jim’s, like Allison said. Jim and Pam have been together for over a year. Plus, the show is not a soap opera. But I would be upset if I were Pam anyhoo haha.

  3. Yep, I noticed the ring too. It’s gotta be either an engagement ring or a wedding ring or something of that nature. There is no way that’s Jim’s baby. The timing is definitely not right and even if it was, the show would bite the big one. I’m still rooting for a JAM baby, but I’ll settle for a JAM wedding!

  4. I have three thoughts:

    1)Does anyone remember how Ryan used to email Karen to hit on her? Perhaps it could be his baby? In a rage from being dumped for Pam maybe Karen had a rebound with Ryan?

    2) In another twist maybe Karen and Roy wallowed in their sorrow together and the product of a sly “gotcha” at Pam and Jim is addressed in this episode.
    Probably neither of my theories are likely but they would be funny : )

    3) There is no way that the baby could be Jim’s because Rashida Jones can’t be on both shows (this and Parks and Recreation) and I don’t think that it would be realistic for Jim to not be involved in his baby’s life.

  5. Oooh, thanks for pointing out the ring! I totally missed that when I saw the promo after Stress Relief, and my first reaction was “NOOOOOO!”

    I agree, there is no biological way that Karen could be pregnant with Jim’s baby. And if that is the case, I will be very upset. This isn’t Passions!

  6. Shari – I was thinking the same about the Ryan theory! We were talking about it earlier in the spoiler post. I really think that could be it. They have both asked each other out at one point during the series…and BJ did say that he was going to come back in a dramatic fashion. I think this would definitely be dramatic. Kelly’s reaction would be hysterical….

  7. The only thing keeping me from sticking with the whole Ryan’s baby thing is the fact that there is a ring on her left hand ring finger, and isn’t Ryan supposed to be in Thailand (or something along those lines…)? Totally not saying that it’s not possible, I still think it’s a good theory, just a lot of loose ends. Still, there’s gotta be some significance in the story line for Karen to be pregnant, obviously… At least we only have to wait a few more days to find out!

  8. come on people! this is karen! she is WAY out of ryan’s league! I think she was a little outta jim’s league too.

  9. Just a theory, but I think the significance of a Karen pregnancy/wedding might contribute to a future JAM elopement. It’s definitely not Jim’s, and they wouldn’t do it for no reason, so I’m thinking they’re trying to close up the Karen storyline and like I said, speed up the JAM engagement.

  10. Karen’s not out of anyone’s league. She works in middle management for a mid-level paper company, just like the other characters. I think it’s Ryan’s spawn.

  11. I guess I was a little tired after watching the Super Bowl and then the hour long episode – but I was counting May to Fubruary and counted 9 months and was sweating bullets.

    Just as my head hit the pillow I realized that it was a season ago – thus a year and 9 months. Whew!

  12. Am I the only one a bit annoyed that they gave away something so hugely spoilerish in the promo? Yikes!

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