Lee Eisenberg answers ‘Job Fair’ questions

Thanks again to Lee Eisenberg for agreeing to do a second round of fan Q&A, this time for Job Fair!

This edition includes some interesting scrapped storylines, plus a guest who takes us through the anatomy of a golf blister …

Q. Who was the actor that played “Justin”? He was fantastic! | Tiffany

Lee: Trevor Einhorn — and he was awesome. Great kid, too.

Q. Is he any relation to Randall Einhorn? | Abbey in PA

Lee: No relation to Randall.

Q. Did you guys discuss other ways to handle the Dwight/Angela alone in the office thing? Were you tempted to give them more interaction? | Lisa

Lee: We debated what to do with Dwight in this episode. We could’ve brought him to the job fair and obviously had a lot of fun with him interacting with high school kids.

But I think the writers really liked the size of this Dwight/Angela story. Personally, I love that everyone leaves the office when there’s no authority figure around and I love that Dwight and Angela stay until exactly five every day. When Dwight stares at the piece of paper after Michael hangs up on him, I lose it every time.

Q. Were you limited in the interaction between Dwight and Angela due to having to hide the baby bump? (I loved the angle of the copy machine shot by the way.) | Shrutastic

Lee: I wasn’t on set that day (I was sick), but when we were editing, I asked if we had any wider shots. Both Gene and Dave Rogers (the editor) reminded me that we were shooting around Angela’s enormous belly.

Q. Brian looked like a pro during the golf scenes. We all know that he has some mad basketball skills. Is this the case with golf as well? | Tiffany

Lee: Brian is a very good golfer. And apparently, he’s a pretty mean tennis player, too. (From tanster: Brian plays in the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in Tahoe in July. So yeah … he’s good.)

Q. Why did Kevin go on the sales call? I’ve heard that Brian is a great golfer, but isn’t Kevin just an accountant? | William

Lee: I think Jim was trying to get a foursome. We talked about this a lot. But if you look around the office, Jim doesn’t really have a ton of options. At one point, very early on, Dwight went golfing but was pushed out of the main foursome and ended up playing with a bunch of old ladies behind them.


  1. The office would be a good show if the cast wasn’t cool but the fact that they do this stuff makes the show soooo much more meaningful/awesome

  2. Well, if you close your eyes and just listen to the graphics design guy talk, you will hear why so many of us think this was John Krasinski (in disguise – duh). He has the same speech patterns as Jim and I think it would cool for Jim to be the one to tell her that she’s not qualified and needs to get out of Scranton just like he does.

  3. Ah yea that’s right now I remember. That kid Justin played Frasier’s son Frederick for quite some time. I knew it! He was awesome btw.

    Great stuff.

  4. Thanks for the interview Lee! Lots of good tidbits in this one. To those who want a visual of Jim and the designer next to each other, here you go

    I still don’t really see the comparison but to each their own!

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