Welcome, Madge, to the MySpace fray!

the office madge

I got a very nice email last week from Karly Rothenberg, the actress who plays “Madge” (from the warehouse gang):

“Hi Tanster,

My name is Karly Rothenberg, and I do play “Madge,” the East German looking gal. I have my fingers crossed that good ole Madge will return for more episodes in season three and am grateful that folks like you are spreading the word about my being a small but very happy part of the gang.

I was cast in the Basketball episode, season one, and even got to pick a fight with “Dwight” on the court. I then returned for Sexual Harassment and Boys and Girls and had an absolute blast driving the forklift around the warehouse! I am hopeful that next season I might even get a Dundie. And just between you and me, I think Madge has a crush on Roy! (oops, did I let that slip, shame on me!)

Thanks again for the mention on your website!

All the best,

Karly aka Madge”

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